A Gaming Thread For 2017



started playing the swapper yesterday. really enjoying it but stopped when i got to a really hard puzzle that broke my brain and i can tell there’s going to be fury ahead :sweat: has a lovely look and feel though.


It’s such a beautiful and atmospheric game, go back to it after a break… it seems to me that, more so than any other game, the puzzels unraveled themselves after spending a few hours away and you go back with fresh eyes… because they’re really well-designed puzzles.


Hollow Knight is a game lovely and infuriating in roughly equal measure.


Yeah there were certain moments where I had genuine awe for realising how to solve a puzzle e.g. like when discovering that while falling, aiming the swapper gun slows time. It’s really satisfying that it doesn’t add new items but each puzzle is a unique twist on the core mechanic.


yeah the first kind of portalesque ones were pretty great while you have to swap in mid air and keep climbing. sometimes just walk into a room and see that’s if full of different coloured lights in crazy configurations and just go ah ffs


I tried to go back to it after a very long absence and am completely lost. Don’t have a clue. Have to start again I think!


Started on Nioh this week. Don’t feel like I’ve quite got the rhythm of the combat yet, but seems pretty great so far.

Also been playing bits and bobs of competitive Overwatch. After dropping around 300SR, I’ve managed to climb back up and am nearly out of bronze. Competitive solo queue feels like such a coin toss whether you get a reasonable team or a bunch of people who just run off in opposite directions!


It does look lovely. Hoping a PS4 version materialises at some point.


Just completed Halo Reach. still probably the best Halo


So. Shovel Knight might be the best game I have ever played.
Just finished it today and jumped straight into NG+
The switch is the ideal platform for a game like that.


Urrghhhh I’m trying to make a dent in my games mountain but this kind of posting makes me want to just load shovel knight and say sod it to everything else…


What was so brill, is that you can just grind magic and hearts to make it easier, but not rely on them.
The music is incredible. It really is one of the best games I’ve ever finished.
Up there with Mario World. Just the complete package.


This game is making me angry now :rage:


I think I’m 2/3 through Dishonored 2. Quite annoyed that I thought I’d managed to get this far without killing anyone but the last two levels have ended with a total of eight casualties. One of them was a result of someone I knocked out falling over a bannister and landing two floors down.


how did you play it without a d-pad though???


A couple did totally beat me. Had to resort to a YouTube video to beat them and even then I couldn’t quite tell what to do!

But most just took a calm head and fresh eyes.

I loved that game. Thought it was ingenious.


Interested to get your thoughts. I really enjoyed it but never fell in love like with a bloodborne or souls. I never got anything from the story and so never felt compelled to pick it up to play. But when I did play it I would find it impossible to stop because the combat is so very very good.


That’s why I don’t bother with stealthy run-throughs any more and just let situations unfold naturally. I remember playing whatever the Deus Ex before the newest one was and some unconscious bloke slipped into the sewer without me noticing, fucking up my non-lethal playthrough. Soured the whole experience and made me wonder why I restrict myself so much when it hinders my enjoyment!


To be honest, the stealth aspect was exactly what appealed to me but it’s taking a real mentality shift to avoid the killing part.

I’m still playing Low Chaos and I’ve collected most of the extra things so it hasn’t ruined my game yet.


I cheated on 2 or 3 and i’m glad i did, the solutions were so absurd that i’d never have figured them out. Finished it last night, was good but i hoped for a bit more from it.