A Gaming Thread For 2017





The music in the PS4 port of Super Meat Boy is different. Genuinely put off playing it. I’ve owned the game on 5 systems now, but I’ll probably go back to finish it on PS3.

Why on earth did this happen? I need an answer.


god Mafia III is impossibly good


Curious, how far are you in?

I’ve not played it because people say it gets quite boring after the great start, but I keep on ummming and arrring when ever I see it on sale.


ah crap.

i’m a few hours in, and a lot of that is story setup and exposition, so there’s a very real possibility im about to get bored if it all gets samey. i just love new orleans as a city in general and this is a pretty amazing mapping of it. and it’s got some thoughtful dynamics in terms of installing lieutenants in districts to generate you cash


Let me know doe :slight_smile: I saw the opening mission on a stream and was like ‘CORE BLIMEY THAT LOOKS A BIT GOOD’ great use of music and concept so I’m still interested in picking it up at some point.


the music is brilliant throughout, and there’s some really nice little ideas. so if you wiretap an area you can in advance know where people are in a building. they have bullet time driving and shooting a-la red dead/gta, so it feels familiar enough to just pick up and go. but they also have a kind of take on eagle vision from AC, where as long as you can hear an enemy you can see their outlines behind walls.

actually reading that back, it’s exactly what it is: GTA, with AC dynamics and an AC-Syndicate-style district/gang takeover concept.


Such a good game for maybe the first 5 hours. It really really kills itself with the samey :frowning:


fuck :frowning:


Got a lot of travelling and waiting around coming up, so I went to see what 3DS games cex had.

Think I nailed it tbh.


Free Psychonauts


Any suggestions for the story/role playing/big world player?

I’ve liked things like Skyrim, Witcher, Last of Us (all time favourite), Unchartered (is the new one worth bothering with? I found the final Nathan game a bit quick and easy)

currently still plodding along in Metal Gear V, I seem to have been playing this forever but still only about 50% complete I think



Horizon: Zero Dawn


One of the last two Tomb Raiders.





what about pillars of eternity?


Probably going to start that new Dishonored standalone add-on thing. Looking forward to that, especially as I only found out about it a week or so ago.

Given that I’m wearing my Japanese Breakfast shirt and that I made lame indie-rock / game puns on the Facebook post about it, I should probably check out Japanese BreakQuest at some point.



I’ve got Bloodborne, just never got around to trying it - I think I’m scared of it!