A Gaming Thread For 2017



And thank you for the recommendations, will check them out!

(turns out I’m only 35% through MGV! This game must go on forever!)


best game ever


If you’re a completionist sure, the ‘story’ doesn’t last that long. It plays well, superbly well, in fact it might be one of the best games when it comes to pure gameplay ever. IF ONLY it was paced better. I couldn’t finish it :frowning: Might return to it one day.


shit! Divinity Original Sin 2 is out now!

The first one is one of the best, funniest and creative RPGs I’ve ever played. Combat felt amazing too.

Can’t wait to pick this up


ah right, not sure how far I’m into the story - recently fixed the epidemic at the base with that old guy

and then had a big siege on skullboy’s base - and then we went for a lovely drive together while he rambled on and on (I think Snake had a snooze)


Think you’re nearing the end of Act One? Which is basically the only bit they properly completed, so I’d stop there! The rest is just recycled missions from what I remember.


Stumbled across this thing about Final Fantasy VII and the weird 90s/early 00s Internet mysteries / urban legends that I’m weirdly fascinated and slightly obsessed with http://btphotographer.com/blog/2011/09/04/save-aeris-how-can-we-be-moved-by-the-fate-of-aeris-gainsborough-kill-screen/

Also that new Dishonoured is so fun. Arkane, maaaaaaaan.


anyone else noticed the Snes mini has the Super Mario RPG loaded on it? That’s my divorce nailed down, then. Been waiting to play it forever


I couldn’t get hold of one :slightly_frowning_face:


urge to replay growing stronger…


Started a high chaos stealth murder fest in Dishonoured 2 this week.

Really looking forward to getting my outsider magic onto some killing instead of just sneaking.


I like the idea of some extra DLC though.


Need to go back and do this too :smiling_imp:


Just completed Uncharted 4.

What a great, fun, swashbuckling adventure! Really great character moments too. Got a little choked up at the end.


I literally just started it


Ah you’ll have a blast!


I really, really recommend the Lost Legacy too. I actually preferred it to 4. More gameplay variety and some excellent writing.


Got no internet as I’ve just moved, but been juggling Arkham Asylum on PS3 and a replay of FF9. Not a batman fan but enjoying AA


I’ll have to pick this up on sale at some point the n:)


Can’t wait to play Uncharted 4. Had started playing through the HD trilogy again on the brother ps4 before picking it up but moved out before I finished them.

Where would people rank it?

Holding off on buying a PS4 as I reckon there’s a price drop coming when the new XBOX comes out.