A Gaming Thread For 2017



Dunno about 4. It’s technically brilliant, and looks amazing. It’s well written and acted but somehow I didn’t find it as much fun as the previous games. Too much of the gameplay is just ‘stand next to this and push triangle’, and the plot didn’t grab me like it did in the others. A search for pirate treasure through the tropics is pretty cool, and I would rather be doing that than going to work tomorrow, but when previous games have led you through the Himalayas to Shangri-La, or to a buried city of djinn in the Arabian sands, it seems a bit prosaic. Also the Sam Drake character is a total dick and I spent most of the game wishing him dead. I was over the fucking moon when he turned up in The Lost Legacy, I can tell you. It’s still really good and if you enjoyed the others you’ll like this, but it could have been totally brilliant, and it’s not quite that.


I found the combat made it unplayable (and I loved 2 and 3). Melee is pure buttton mashing and dated QTEs. And the shooting is Fallout 3 levels of bad. Shame because the world is gorgeous and platforming remains fun.


well I’ll counter this by saying that it seems the combat is a lot less frequent than in the other games and only frustated in a couple of sections towards the end. Also 90% of the encounters you can beat with pure stealth which is way more satisfying and never really worked in the earlier games.


I disagree, all the characters were much more fleshed out than before, drake and elaina had some touching moments, the bad guys were likeable and likeably dickish whereas in all the other games they’re just nothing really. Especially that woman in 3, god 3 was such a bland game really.

also I liked Sam because he was basically bruce springsteen


yep I see what you mean, straight into rehashes of missions I have already done - that will do for this one for now


Destiny 2 has stopped giving me reasons to play it. All that is left is weekly things.


My daughter (12) has completed lost legacy and is now playing U4, for some reason working her way backwards through Uncharted. She loves it; although she hates Sam as well.


Well isn’t this just one of the worst movie posters ever. Whats with the neck?


I like my women to have the posture of velociraptors. Don’t kink-shame.






that’s better



Nice surprise. Obviously downloading this when I get the chance.


Yes! Now all they need to do is cancel the FF7 remaster and retool it into a Final Fantasy 9 one. Wouldn’t be in development hell like 7 is.


That and release FF6 for PS4 as well but with the original SNES assets instead of that vomity-looking Steam / phone port version.


Any vita owners got any game recommendations?


rayman legends!

binding of isaac


wipeout HD


Thanks, I’ve got two of those but I think Rayman might be a purchase.


it’s faaaantastic!

Of course the real answer is you should be playing FFVII on that gorgeous OLED screen


I own that on it but I started it, didn’t play it for 2 days and forgot what I was meant to be doing and deleted it.


ah that’s a shame! Hard to know for me how much is nostalgia but I still love that game