A Gaming Thread For 2017



fuck everyone is right about Mafia III :frowning: it’s getting really same 'ol


Just go back and play the original instead!


One of my fave games, Oddworld: Abes Odysee, is available for free for the next 48hrs


It’s such a shame isn’t it? It has SO much potential. I loved it up until the second area where I put it down and never picked it up again.


sweet! I haven’t played the remake, should probably at some point. also never played the other oddworld games without Abe


gonna bin off mafia III, go back to completing Sleeping Dogs and playing bloodborne


Strangers Odysee is great, its a really interesting take on an FPS and the HD Remasters avaliable on PC and also PS4 I think is pretty good.

Munchs Odysee is pretty bland and forgettable, the environments are pretty dull for an oddworld game, though its fine gameplay wise.


Got to a point in DS3 where there’s nothing to do but really hard bosses and it’s quite demoralising. I think I might be finding it harder than Bloodborne.

I’ve been going back to MGSV and doing side missions in the meantime, and it’s still very fun. I’ve taken to driving my tank into towns and whoopin and a whompin all the guys. If I’m feeling charitable I’ll mortally wound them and Fulton them back to mother base, that way it’s not my fault if they die, it’s the fault of the medical staff. My conscience is clear.

Also Spelunky, which I’m coming round to as one of the best games ever.


Haven’t read this yet, but it’s a Waypoint article describing Final Fantasy IX as “the most underrated … of its day”, which is a true statement so I’ll link to it for my
f u t u r e /// p e r u s a l


Which bosses are giving you problems? Are there summons nearby you can call upon?

Really need to go back and do the DLC now I think of it.


Might start a new DS3 run once I’m done with this Bloodborne one so I can have a crack at the DLC.


I might Stranger’s Odysee out, since they both appear to be on sale


Any vita owners had problems with games they own not showing up in the download list? I can’t find FF7 on there!


I’ve been chipping away with a faith/dex run every now and again but need to commit to it. It’s time to finish Souls for good :frowning:


Reports that the latest Rainbow Six Siege patch is bricking PS4s
If you own the game I suggest you not play it.


Good luck. The DLC is fucking nails



I’m still at the point with MGSV where I do 95% of the mission in complete stealth, but fuck up the last bit where you have to take out the target or wherever, and end up Ramboing an entire base of communists.


I have some vague recollection of this happening for me, possibly for Resident Evil 2 - think some PS1 games aren’t officially available on the Vita or some nonsense. iirc the way around it was to download the game to a PS3 (might work on PC too, never tried it) but don’t install it, then transfer the uninstalling file to your Vita via the USB cable, and then install it on your Vita.