A Gaming Thread For 2017



Although that said, if you got the PS4 version of FFVII then I dunno if that would be transferrable as that’s different to the PS1 classic version that is definitely playable on the Vita as I’ve played it on there myself.


Sims players: whats the worst thing you ever did on the game?

Probably firebombing the school bus so my kids could stay at home and paint pictures for money.


Used the facial features slider glitch to create no-eyed monstrosities, then bred them together to create even more interesting grotesques. Then drowned them in swimming pools so they remained there as ghosts forever.

Sims 2 was the last in the series that seemed willing to let players do fun stuff like this tbh.


Yeah me and a mate did the pool thing. We had this kid we dressed up as a leprechaun and placed him in a one tile swimming pool surrounded by a brick wall and barbed wire.


I’m a victim of my own arrogance in that if I summon I know I’ll feel like I haven’t really beaten the boss. Some of these really seem like they were designed for pairing up though :grimacing:. I am stuck on Sister Friede in the first DLC. Honestly think the third phase is the meanest thing From have ever done. YOU GET AN ITEM AFTER THE SECOND ONE FFS. Also stuck on Soul of Cinder, which according to the internet is super easy. I just can’t get past the first phase without using all my estus. More practice required but it feels like it’s been forever already. And finally yer man the Nameless King, who I haven’t really got stuck into because everyone says he’s the worst so I might as well do him last. What a cunt though.


did anyone else play battlefield: vietnam? was the first game I played on PC after we got a computer capable of running games of the time. Me and my all time ATD played it to death (even put together a clan). Think we both logged about 1,000 hours each on Xfire. Also, it legitimately got me into loads of great 60s bands:


this was the in-game music btw - the guy in this video has loaded his own music

used to play this as I circled bases in the mi8 destroying everything (other players could hear the music you were playing)


I findSister Friede to be the hardest boss in all the souls games. The first two stages I can do without using an estus but the third there is barely time to breathe. I think the third phase is to test your parrying capabilities so if you don’t use that mechanic her attacks feel unrelenting.

For the other two roll to your right when they swing is the tactic I used. Usually two or three times until they finish their attack, then get a hit in.


Tried playing uncharted 4 again this evening. I want so badly to enjoy it because it’s such a gorgeous looking game. But every aspect of the gameplay turns me off. Think Nathan handles really clunkily (or at least he does in my hands). Is it worth persevering for the story?


The story is pretty good but it’s not worth persevering through gameplay you don’t enjoy. Esspecially as I personally think the game is far longer than it needs to be (about 16hours if I recall)


Bloody loved uncharted 4 but then I’m a sucker for pressing x to hang off a ledge and looking at the gorgeous view


Ah, see this is me IRL ascii shrug


In that case uncharted 4 might be as much use for you as “Tea Drinking Simulator 3” is for me




Started an NG+ run on Dark Souls 2. Think I’m mad overlevelled from all the DLC so I’m 4 for 4 on bosses. The atmosphere is wonderful, innit? It nails that sense of the world having moved on while the hollows keep mindlessly doing their thing.


I never played the PC game. I dabbled in a bit of Battlefield 2 but was way too much of a Counter Strike Source nerd to give it too much time.

I played the Bad Company 2: Vietnam game and that was a blast. Much like Bad Company 2 in general tbf. Best military FPS of the last few generations.


My feelings about the story are pretty aptly articulated in this video, which obviously contains spoilers. Also the climbing gameplay. That said I enjoyed the exploration and the combat aspects of the gameplay and was glad I saw the game through to the end. Got real nostalgia for it now too.


The Monument Valley 2 soundtrack is out and it is really good:


Remember when Atari announced a new console and we all kind of assumed it’d be a cheap toy designed to grab sales at the checkouts of supermarkets and HMV… well we were kind of wrong.

"According to the email, the Ataribox will retail around the $250-$300 mark, though the statement added this could change “depending on specific editions and memory configurations” which somewhat implies that several models may be available of the new contender, already releasing to a crowded and expensive gaming market.

It has also been revealed that the unit houses an AMD processor, uses Radeon Graphics technology and will run on Linux. The statement continues: “This approach means that as well as being a great gaming device, Ataribox is also a full PC experience for the TV, bringing you streaming, applications, social, browsing, music, and more.”

The console will ship with “tons” of pre-loaded Atari classics and “current games”, adding that newer titles will be announced for the platform very soon."

The Ataribox is scheduled for release in Spring of 2018.

Atari are releasing a console in 2018… that going to cost $300? WUT


Just bought MGSV again on Steam this time, well excited to play this masterpiece again!