A Gaming Thread For 2017



ah so it’s going to be terrible in a completely different way then


MGS V and Amnesia Collection are the free games on PS+ next month


Man, I feel like I should get PsPlus just for thst and then fuck it off immediately.


Reminder that the moment you stop your PS+ subscription you’re no longer able to play the games until you sign back up


Games have been really good lately and you can still get a years sub for £40 if you shop around. Pretty excellent value tbh imho


Arggghh the curse of ps plus. Just bought mgsv last month :frowning:


yeah but it’s a fantastic game, so good I’ve just bought it again!


New Red Dead 2 trailer


Cuphead reviews are in.
So far it looks promising. Out today on Xbone and PC


That artstyle… :heart_eyes:


got high hopes for Polygon’s new series


the story of the guys who made this game is unbelievable. set of talented fuckers.


Apparently Flower has turned up on the app store out of nowhere. Which is no use to me as I own no Apple devices but all you iPhone types should get it immediately. Such a lovely game.


I’ve been listening to the Deus Ex soundtrack on YouTube for 23 minutes. I like it, alright, but I’m not 100% sure why I’m doing so.

Looking forward to get back into the Dishonoured add-on later, even though the mission I’m on is rock hard. I made a slight mistake that I wanted to undo, and realised that it had been 14 minutes between the auto-save and my last manual save.


Was so uncertain about plunging into the rabbit hole of Fifa 18 that after 15 minutes in-store I emerged with a copy of that new Uncharted instead

Cuphead looks amazing!


Anyone listened to the Abject Suffering podcast? It’s two guys (the Watch Out For Fireballs / Bonfireside Chat folks) playing really bad NES games suggested by their listeners. Proper cracks me up.


I got cuphead as well D: Uh what have I done

Played an hour, its very difficult but in the ‘just one more go’ kind of way as opposed to the cheap ‘punch my tv’ kind of way. It plays brilliantly and the art style and audio is just OH MAH GAWWWD


I assume you’ve never played a JRPG?


Yeah, but with a JRPG, you’re more steeled for the existential crisis that comes from realising that a giant eye with wings on just used an unfeasibly powerful attack on you and wasted approximately two whole hours of your life that you’ll never get back. With a game like Dishonoured where you can just immediately save and either (a) test out strategies, or (b) decide you’re just a bit bored so you’re just going to throw grenades at everyone and jump around in a little circle, even the most minor of time losses resonates as simply having been devastatingly avoidable.

Had a proper good’en on it today though; found a whole bit of the map I was this close to missing and (very slight spoiler for mission 3 of the new Dishonoured add-on thingy) applied my knowledge of the Fibonacci sequence to solve a puzzle (which made up for my having to use a walkthrough for another little bit, which to be fair itself had been a bit of a pisstake)


JRPGs is a genre I want to like but I’ve given up since the time I had three hours to waste before a flight, spent two and a half hours working through a dungeon against the same five enemies, then had to end the game without saving or otherwise miss my flight.

Love Dishonoured(s), whatever you’re doing, there are no time losses, just time well spent.