A Gaming Thread For 2017



This is very true. I’m a massive Arkane fan off the back of Dis and Prey.


I did DIS2 with no kills. I was going to dive straight back in to do it the opposite way but I decided to leave it for a while (a year?) so I’ve forgotten the layouts.


I tried the no-kill approach, but found it way too much of a challenge on the clockwork mansion mission. I liked that it was tough though; the fact it is possible kind of makes you (or made me) consider the value of these fictional human lives and try really hard to avoid lethal consequences and such.

Which was a nice change from the last Deus Ex, which I found quite amusing in that the non-lethal approach was so easy: many encounters you could just end immediately by efficiently lamping the assailant clean in the noggin when prompted to do.


I thought I was being really clever by dumping unconscious guards over seawalls in L2 to hide the bodies and was really annoyed to learn they died after I completed the level.


Been playing Hob, that Zelda homage that the Torchlight people have made. It’s pretty fun, and looks great.

Maybe this is nitpicking, but… it doesn’t make you feel clever at any point. You unlock the landscape and make progress by pressing buttons and pulling levers because, well, I’m playing a computer game so if there’s a lever I’m going to pull it and see what happens. You never get the satisfaction of reasoning out your way forward, you just do the only things available to you until it works.

Still good though.


I am playing Donkey Kong Country and Super Metroid (that for the 1st time) and having a lovely time :slight_smile:


Wasn’t really feeling like playing anything new (I’ve got a real ‘between games’ feeling at the moment…) so I’ve jumped back into Skyrim from the beginning. It is great to be back in that world, although knowing/remembering a lot of what’s out there does detract from the charm of discovery a fair bit.


Hammering FFVI on the SNES mini


Got that same feeling at the moment. Think it’s because I’ve been so busy with work travel, weekend travel and holidays (obvs the latter is a good thing) so I want something familiar I can dip in an out of inconsistently. Hence my DS2 NG+ run.


I have the games mentally queued up in this order:

  1. metroid
  2. DK country
  3. Zelda
  4. mario 2
  5. earthbound
  6. super mario rpg
  7. Kirby
  8. mario 1

with bits of f zero & mario kart when I feel like it.

Not sure i’ll ever get round to FF or secret of mana, there’s literally not enough time in my life :frowning:


I’ve bought a Switch so don’t want another Nintendo console in 2017, but I’d happily pay a small fortune for a downloadable Snes Mini pack on the Switch.


For those with a SNES mini, here’s all the manuals:



Anyone got a good lead on where you can get one these days? I REALLY want to get hold of one before Christmas (I can give it to the TV to wrap up for me, we’ll both be happy).


Afraid not but Nintendo did say they were going to make more, but might not be in time for xmas.


Ooh, Nioh is coming to PC then. Great news. 100gb of hard drive space is a bit much mind.


sign up to the twitter alerts on this, stock does appear daily on different sites but you have to be quick


thank you!


the whole console and games only come in english language so doesn’t matter if you get one from amazon in germany or spain or wherever


Powered through Lost Legacy over the weekend. Overall really enjoyed it and definitely a few good subversions to stop it from just feeling like a walked-in extension of Uncharted 4. The final 2 hours was exhiliarating.


Loving Mass Effect at the moment, the latest one. It’s a shame about the faces but post patch I really feel like it’s a good game so far.