A Gaming Thread For 2017



It’s a good game. Everybody just simultaneously went off their fucking heads at review time.


i am good at shooting things. pls like and subscribe thank you


There is an interesting theory that these are the good thargoids and that new smaller ship they found are the bad ones.


init, mas hysteria.


I’m actually quite excited to play this game where you get to run around as a goose pissing off old men on allotments.

It’s a bit of a way off - it doesn’t even have a title yet. If they call it ‘Goose Dickhead’ I’ll buy it day one no questions asked.


this made me chuckle



As a Kirby main I have many memories of being pinballed to fuck around this stage in Melee


I bought Elite Dangerous a month or so ago, started it after having drunk a bottle of wine and maybe an hour window of playtime - got pissed off during the tutorial missions after finding it impossible to land the fucking ship in less than 10 minutes. Decided I should wait until I had a bit of time to spare as the controls clearly have a higher learning curve than piloting a plane in Battlefield.

Have a few days off so cranked it up today. I still can’t do the combat tutorial where three or four craft come at you at once but I am a couple of hours into the main game, basically just playing as an intergalactic Yodel driver so far, keeping my head down until I know what I’m doing.

I have a feeling this is going to be a real time sink and I still have an 80 hours and counting Stardew Valley game to take care off too.


I had that exact same experience with the tutorials and sacked it off after an hour, will probably come back to it eventually


For tutorials, they aren’t the best at explaining stuff. One of them specifically tells you to ‘follow the waypoint I’ve placed’ even though there isn’t one, because it only appears if you are within a couple of hundred metres of the destination, at which point you don’t need it because you can see it.

It definitely feels like it needs more concentration than most games for the first few hours to figure out what you’re doing, but ultimately I think I will end up loving it. #DarkSouls


Yeah, I wouldn’t worry about the tutorials. You’ll not be getting a ship capable of fighting off a squadron for a good long while and you’ll be much more comfortable with the controls by the time you do. If you decide to go that route at all that is - I’m 65 hours in and have never fired anything stronger than a mining laser. Commander Space Horse doesn’t believe in violence, and is very good at running the fuck away.

While you’re doing the delivery stuff I recommend treating yourself to an auto landing module. They’re cheap and being taken in for landing on auto-pilot while some nice classical music plays is much nicer than faffing about landing yourself every 10 minutes.


This game really doesn’t sound like my sort of thing but some of the descriptions here really make me want to play it.


I was vaguely intrigued by this game until I read something like this in the IGN review “don’t expect a focused single-player expereince along the lines of ‘No Man’s Sky’” Anything that makes NMS seem like it has a focused campaign in comparison is the very epitome of not for me Clive.


I’ve found role playing it kinda fun. But while I could tell Space Horse’s story and make it sound reasonably interesting all I’ve actually been doing is heading out to asteroid belts, zapping rocks until I find one that’s got some lucrative materials in it and collecting fragments. Then heading back and selling them. I find it really relaxing but most people would probably be bored to tears.

Space Horse has almost made enough cash to achieve his life long dream of leaving the bubble and heading out to explore the unknown. That might be more exciting.



Oh telltale… why


Ca anyone recommend a fun game that’s available on the PS store for less than £25? Got a whole day tomorrow with sweet FA to do and would like to spend it playing a game. Was going to get Dirt 4 but it’s still a bit pricey. I’m currently thinking Night In The Woods?

P.S. Finished Undertale a few days ago. Charming game but not worth the 10/10 IGN gave it.


Steamword Dig 2

Its great


What remains of Edith Finch


Night in the woods is great but not a one sitting title. It’s very repetitive