A Gaming Thread For 2017



Cheers guys. Both look grand. Went for Steamworld first as it looks like something I can just jump into straight away and start bashing buttons. Will get Edith next.


This is a bit dodgy, isn’t it?


Yeah Nuketown with a family and bright a colourful house seems a bit off, not really a setting you’d expect to see in a Megablocks kit. But then again we had similar toys growing up reet?


Very much this. Night in the Woods is a really good, charming game; but very repetitive - both by design (its a really lovely and true to (at least my) life rendering of a small-town nothing-better-to-do-and-going-out-for-walks vibe) as well as in some slightly more gripey ways (I found the dream sequences over stayed their welcome). Worth savouring (and it can be savoured in relatively short sessions if free time is a concern) over a few Autumn evenings, I’d say.


My son just scored a worldy on rocket league


Looking reet good so far


It looks OK but it could do with more geese getting into mischief.


Skyrim is so great. I get that these games take an age to make but it’s been years, when are we going to see another one?


Seeing as there’s still mugs paying 40 quid for a ‘new’ version of it about once every six months, and has been for the last 5 years, if I was them I wouldn’t be in too much of a rush.


New Vegas available on PS4 I’ve just learned. Might give that another spin.


With Halloween approaching, I just saw this on YouTube; that guy who explores hidden parts of game maps doing Silent Hill 2. Partly linking so I remind myself to watch it later tbh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-K_oM9waKIM


Just platinumed Bloodborne lads. FINALLY




FAO SNES Mini owners. OMG.


I’m having trouble about 2 hours in to metroid, and have resorted to a walkthrough. I’m gonna be alright for extra games for a while :sweat_smile:


Has anyone given the Steam Controller a go? My wired 360 pad decided to give up the ghost at the weekend and I’m considering switching. I hate using the keyboard to control anything and the potential extra accuracy in FPSs is appealing, as is being able to play stuff like strategy games from the sofa.


I assume you’re including The Old Hunters in this…


Oh yes. Best bit of the game, apart from those giant fish bastards.


This was cool btw, but made me wish I had a way to play Silent Hill 2


Everyone that I’ve spoken to who owns one never uses it. Apparently it tries to do a lot but doesn’t actually do anything well enough to replace K+M or the Xbone controller