A Gaming Thread For 2017



How could anyone forget the first time they got spangled by a Giant Fish Bastard with an anchor?


Those areas are astonishing. All three would be pushing for my top 10 across Soulsborne.


Hmm. I’ve heard a few people say the same but I’ve also got a mate who swears by his. Apparently if you put the hours in it’s a really useful piece of kit. Trouble is I’m a very lazy man who will probably get mad if he doesn’t get immediate results. Also it sounds like it’s a pain in the arse to get working at all with anything non-Steam.

I’m still tempted though as I do like the idea of it.


That dive attack is such an amazingly goofy shock when it first happens, eh? So spammy on subsequent occasions.


I properly explored every last bit of them this time. I’m amazed at how much depth to them there is. It’s just so well structured and thought out, as well as absolutely insane.


Or the fiftieth time…


I always got pinned by it too, no matter how I tried to get out of it, it always seemed to be the wrong way. Many deaths.


Things which stick out

The beasts cowering in the first bit
How much I adore the beast cutter - particularly the sound design. THUNK
The river of blood and the subversion of Central Yharnam
Ludwig, particularly the arena
The dead fellow clawing at the gate just outside Ludwig
The atmosphere in the Research Hall, and the experiments on the tables begging for death.
The level design in the Research Hall and the way the bottom bit changes as you kill certain enemies.
The sense of absolute dread pervading fishville
The first 2/3 of the Kos fight (last bit is a overly frantic IMO).
Dying Simon



The first time I finished The Old Hunters and then immediately went into NGwhatever. Get to the first boss. Wait a minute…

Laurence = Cleric Beast?! Mind blown.


actually - tempted to do this just for the reset shortcut…

will wait a while to see it’s not bricking machines or whatever though


played the Battlefront 2 beta over the weekend - its pretty, pretty good (i like AAA shooters).

even the indie wanks on here would find the space battles fun btw.


Had a lot of train travel this weekend, and checked out Samorost 3 on my Android, which is terrific. For those who don’t know, it’s an environmental puzzle game, a lot of which is based around sound. It’s an audiovisual triumph - just gorgeous in every respect, and had me grinning frequently. Puzzles can be a bit esoteric at points and controls are occasionally a bit janky for what is mainly a point ‘n’ click, but it’s Monument Valley levels of good for a mobile game (think it’s on steam/console as well)


Completed that Dishonoured add-on just now. Last mission was rock-hard, and reminded me a bit of the weaker bits of Thief, where being stealthy becomes less fun in stranger environments with tougher wrong 'uns smashing yr face in. Either way, it was a fun and welcome little extension.

This means I can start Resi 7 soon in time for Halloween. :jack_o_lantern:


You’ll have such a time. Great game!


Honestly, wouldn’t worry as I thought that second one was very hard. You won’t have to deal with that if you play your cards right.


I don’t plan on being a cutthroat pirate stealing peoples cargo but I reckon I will want to have a bit of
combat once I’m more confident, if only to increase the mission variety.


Yeah, so far so good, quite a few hours in now and only had one real incident - guy initially threatened me, then after scanning my craft told me I had nothing worth stealing and left without a shot fired.


That’ll happen most of the time. You can out run people most of the time as well as long as you don’t get mass locked by them. I rarely get in battles unless I’m bounty hunting with one of my more combat ready ships. Get yourself a Cobra asap, they are the boss for all rounding.


Reddits PS4 community are currently in a perma-state of kicking the fuck off over loot boxes in shadow of war/pay to win structure of Battlefront 2. It’s very sad and troubling that this is becoming such a prominent feature in AAA games.


having played the beta, battlefront 2 has more problems than just the loot boxes. was gonna get it on release, but…nah.