A Gaming Thread For 2017



From what I’ve read it’s annoying but not game breaking in Shadow of War as you can finish it without them. It’s a fuck awful system though and pushed it into the “maybe when it’s under £20” file for me.

And the unlock/progression system in Battlefront II is deeply worrying. I’m not fussed about loot boxes so long as it’s for cosmetic items (though I have concerns over their addictive qualities and think they should probably fall under gambling regulations) but your whole journey through a game being dictated by loot boxes purchasable with real world cash monies is a) bullshit and b) disturbing in a game that’s going to attract a large young audience.


This has just popped up on euro gamer


Interesting piece that, cheers. Sounds like the law is struggling to keep up and we’re in a wild west phase until it gets to grips with the issue. Big devs are in a bad place when gamers are signing petitions for more regulation of the industry though. I know AAA games cost an insane amount to produce but there has to be a better way of making money.



Hacked mine yesterday.
Easy peasey. Got stuck into Chrono Trigger.
I know you can emulate it on everything but using a ‘real’ snes pad etc is just so good.
The hack (like the nes mini one) also adds a great feature Nintendo overlooked - getting back to the main menu without having to get up and walk over to the device and hit the reset button.
The fact Nintendo left the same hack flaw in this as the the Nes Mini is basically me thinking theyre ok with us doing this.


I haven’t tried hacking mine yet, going to play more of the games already on it first.

So it’s easy to do? I worry about messing these kind of things up.


It’s really easy to do. You can dump the kernel first with the hakchi tool so it means you can go back to factory default if you fancy. Once done it adds a folder icon after Yoshis island, select this and it launches into a menu for the additional games so compartmentalizes them nicely. Stuck Chrono Trigger, Mario Allstars, Super Star Wars games and Turtles In Time on it. Only tested Chrono and All Stars but both worked fine.
In terms of the regular games on there Ive been playing through Super Metroid - a lot easier now than when I was a kid!


Cool. I’ll give it a go.

Yeah I’m playing Metroid and Mana both easier (and in Mana’s case shorter) than I remember!


Tried a wee bit of Mana and pretty decent. Square were on fire during the 90s weren’t they!
Trying to think of other great Snes games to put on there. Tempted to replace SFII Turbo with Super SF2 Turbo.




Life is strange before the storm episode 2 is out October 19th! Can’t wait.

Not sure whether to get the evil within 2 tomorrow. Didn’t like the first one but on paper it was made for me. Hopefully the sequel fixes my niggles


The hd collection on PS3 is ‘fine’. Emulating the ps2 version is best. OG Xbox version is good too


Sitting on these for now so I can binge it in the future


I didn’t even realise EW2 was out (barely even heard anything about it tbh). Quite liked the first; what’s new with this sequel?

Speaking of horror, hoping to start Resi 7 this weekend!


Looks more open gameplay wise, stronger story, better shooting etc. Trailers have been great. Probably shite tho


Oh yeah, I’ve been hammering Black Flag AC on PS3 lately. I’ve never liked assassin creed, and having recently finished 2 I didn’t think I ever would. But this is great. Really great.


Lads - I think I’ve sorted your weekend plans:


Tempted to watch…


Thanks again for this recommendation. Had forgotten how much fun a good old fashioned platformer can be. Reminded me quite a bit of a few of the platformers of my youth, Metroid and Oddworld being the obvious ones.


I played the first one to completion just to see how much more stupid it could get. I’ll still probably cave in and get this one too because it does have an indefinable sort of charm.