A Gaming Thread For 2017



I enjoyed the sort of knowing stupidity of the first one; the results didn’t always appeal to me as much as other parts, but I was surprised how much I felt it worked that the game was essentially just a variety of horror tones and ideas loosely tied together by a load of bonkers stuff about brain experiments


Yeah, it was total pell-mell craziness with the loosest pretext! All the horror elements really fell flat for me though. As an action adventure type thing it was quite enjoyable.


Warframe’s released it’s new update today (not sure if it’s out for consoles though). Puts Destiny to shame.


The free to play aspect of that put me off. I’d rather just pay some money upfront and be done with it. Does it involve much microtransactionery to progress?


aww maaaaan. i finally lost reynauld in ‘darkest dungeon’. dude had been with me for 48 hours. (dismas long dead - reynauld had been carrying his head around with him in woe)
the rng gods do not smile upon me today.


This has passed me by. Got a lot of time to myself this weekend, might give it a go.


Ripperoni, you gold-stealing ruins-acing cunt.


It’s a slow starter and I really really recommend IFlynn’s tutorial videos as I think it’s a bit overwhelming like an MMO when you first start. It’s fun and has a pretty good community.


I think it’s one of the best F2P models I’ve seen. You get starting platinum for free and as long as you spend that on weapon and warframe slots you’ll be fine. After that you get towards the end of the game and start trading for platinum to buy more slots. I think I’ve spent about 25 quid on it because I’m lazy at trading and I’ve got a between 50-100 hours out of it. I totally LOVE grindy games though, that’s my jam.


p.s make sure you get Excalibur as your starting frame, it’s the most fun and powerful.


That’s a pretty solid cash/time ratio. I’m quite partial to a grindfest myself - love listening to podcasts while inching my way towards a shiny new toy.


Give this a watch, if this doesn’t sell you, nothing will.


Warframe was a good game when I played it back in 2013, by all accounts its much better these days… in fact Im probably going to get it and give it another go.


game called Antihero has caught my eye as a possible purchase. Anyone played it?


fAO.xbox users. Life is strange before the storm episode 2 has leaked to season pass owners a week early. Playing now


Is that the one made by the OlliOlli folk? Heard it’s good but flawed, whatever help that is!


Aaaannnd that was fantastic. Although I’m finding it quite emotional knowing what happens due to the first game


Proper psyched to get on this in due course. First one is so wonderful.


I’m just in love with the characters, tone, and music of it. Or rather just the world. Yes the dialogue can be a bit off at times but this stuff hits me harder than most TV and movie guff. The developers and writers love these characters and it shows.