A Gaming Thread For 2017



This game is quality - DeSu 1 quickly became one of my favourites ever, and this seems like an improvement so far. Might get Persona Q at some point, beacuse I’m completely addicted to demon Pokémon.

Also just downloaded Xenoblade Chronicles (my original cart stopped working :disappointed:) so I’ll be in a JRPG black hole for the forseeable :+1:


Can’t wait to get out of here and tear through the Painted World of Ariamis tonight.


never heard …



Can’t believe you gave up on The Greatest Game Of All Time because you went into a huff about having to kill the same enemies more than once.


Wait, yes I can.




i don’t think you really believe this


Don’t really believe in ranking lists tbh. But it’s an incredibly good game.


It’s no Micro Machines Turbo Tournament '96 on the Sega Megadrive.


just an ocarina of time knock-off really isn’t it


EXACTLY eric. EXACTLY. Which is why you should love it.


Fuck, the Wikipedia page for it is very detailed!


i didn’t hate it, just couldn’t really be arsed with it. might go back to it at some point. feel like the total lack of story would make it difficult for me to get invested in it though.


Read a novel at the same time then, ffs.


fucking hell…


what’s your problem? sorry i don’t like your favy-wavourite game guys, fucking christ




dark souls fanboys, don’t @ me



I fucking nailed this whole area without dying on my most recent playthrough and it was so satisfying.