A Gaming Thread For 2017



Glad to see this getting revived. It’s a great forgotten PS2 era Zelda-like I’d put up there with Beyond Good and Evil.


So I picked up Horizon Zero Dawn a few days ago. What a fucking game, absolutely love the start of the story. The tutorial area alone is a huge map.

It’s potentially my game of the year already.


Gonna post some more pics tomorrow, I worked out how to make Aloy do selfie poses and stuff. My friendship with Tim the T-Rexbot took a bad turn unfortunately (accidentally hit him with a fire arrow didn’t I!) Had to brutally massacre him and several velocirobots.


I haven’t played it but watched my wife play a lot of it, looked really good. will probably give it a bash one of these days. DLC is out next week I think, she’s well up for that.


Playing skyrim again is SUCH a joy. I know my way around Whiterun better than the town I live in IRL


Blizzcon is on. They announced the next (7th) World of Warcraft expansion last night, cinematic trailer got me right in the mood. I haven’t played any of the most recent expansion, mainly due to having an absolute POS machine that could just about cope with the graphics come the end of Pandaria, and died completely with the Legion pre-patch. But I still listen to a couple of podcasts about the game and the lore. Tough to suddenly stop caring about a story you’ve been invested in for close to two decades. I’ll always love WC and WoW.



I feel like I’m coming towards the end of Resi 7; I’ve enjoyed it a lot, although as it’s progressing, it seems to have gone “remember before when you had to hide or run from enemies? yeah, just batter 'em from now on”. What’s the DLC like? I keep getting the annoying little adverts for ‘Banned Footage vols. 1 & 2’ when I start up the game.


I completed Dishonored 2 on high chaos. The ending definitely made me want to get the DLC but I think I’ll leave it for a few months.


Probably a good idea - it’s more of the same. I’m on the last mission now, but it’s been a while since I played D2 so it’s nice to be back in its atmospheric clutter, and it’s shorter so I’m not feeling as burnt out by it. Prefer the story too, and the chaos element is very much downplayed so you’re not worrying about who you’ve murdered etc. Actually think it’s better in a lot of ways.


Gonna buy this for the tv for xmas i think


:candle: The sad tale of Tim the T-Rexbot :candle:

Me and Tim sightseeing…

Then I hit him with a fire arrow and it cancelled my override…

In for a penny, I was forced to light that motherfucker up…


After an appropriate period of mourning, I found myself a new pet…


Take it to the Robotic Dinosaur Thread.


Having a separate thread just for robotic dinosaurs would be ab-zoid*

*absurd. It doesn’t really work does it?


If I had the ability to do so, I would ban you so hard right now


And you would be right to do so.


E is for Excellence, yeah?


Anyone playing Fortnite? Just tried it tonight. Our first match (as duos) we came last (lol). 6 games later I killed a guy with my axe, so I’m pretty happy. No fucking idea about all this building stuff shite.


Just completed Resi 7. Surprisingly quite easy final boss fight, right there. Fun times were had throughout; would kind of like more creepy house exploration though.


a Darkest Dungeon story.

this is fine.

no wait.


What should I play now? I’m thinking FF9 but I’m not ready to justify spending 16.99 on an old game I’ve already owned two copies of just yet