A Gaming Thread For 2017



I’ve played it a fair bit. It’s nice to put on if you’ve got a spare half hour or so. Think the best rank I’ve got is third or second. There’s a lot of possibility - I’ve been trying to make bridges between bluffs and stuff like that but everyone’s so bloodthirsty you don’t really get a chance to try anything out without getting utterly fucked for it!


man I love/hate that game so much


yeah but FF9…


Just been playing duos so far. We came last in our first game, which I thought was fair but my partner was pure ragin’.


This is v v true.


Haha, there’s so many factors involved - sometimes you’re just dead the moment you touch the ground practically! The best feeling is when nothing’s in your favour but you somehow manage to scrape by and end up in the top rankings - it’s the kinda stuff that keeps you playing.


27 kills :smiley:


If there was an option, I’d be scrawling ‘STOP ME BEFORE I KILL AGAIN’ on the walls of the base.


Taking a Shambler on with an antiquarian

Quite the reminder you got there.


best game ever, for me


i definitely really really enjoyed it, might put it in my top 10. i have the PS4 remaster so really should play it through again, started it up when the remaster came out but only got as far as wherever the second place you go is after the city you start in (forget where exactly it is). i’ve been pretty bad over the last few years for getting games, playing a bit and then stopping for no particular reason :confused:


just saw the new Last of Us 2 trailer - excited!


With an antiquarian and some level 2 armour/weapons as well. And no trinkets. I’ve gone in tooled up to the eyeballs and still not even made it to the damn shambler yet. I’m starting to suspect I might just be really bad at DD.


I’ve never played WoW. I’d like to, but PC only really makes it a problem. Also, the potential loss of my home, girlfriend, job etc is a worry.


Now the OOO AHHHs have worn off for Horizon, I can still safely say it’s one of the best RPGs I’ve played on the generation. It really refines a lot of things from other games. Love it.


I’m mainly really enjoying it, but have to have the time and headspace each time I load it up. If I have a spare half-hour I always opt for Rocket League but have had some terrific 2-3 hour weekend sessions. Things I really like:

+ Robot dinosaurs
+ The slow-down-time bow aiming mechanic
+ The way the story of the old-times is revealed - kinda reminds me of Bioshock or Dark Souls in the lore-building aspects
+ Just the world, particularly when metal-meets-nature
Minor spoilers

+ Hijacking dinosaurs
+ Scaling a tall-neck for the first time. Proper breathtaking.

Things I’m not so hot on:

- Lack of agency in how you tackle quests. It’s not Fallout 4 levels of bad (mainly because it never really hints at agency), but it does have an element of do x willingly/ do x sarcastically.
- melee is clunky. Odd that they’ve adopted the souls roll but not the lock-on mechanic. The melee sometimes seems to auto-target but that’s pretty unpredictable.
- Crafting mechanics for carry capacity. 20 dead raccoons and still no raccoon bone to upgrade my quiver. Are thtese raccons just walking boneless flesh? And oh now I need to shoot fish? Basically a glorified admin task.
- AI for the humans when you’re attacking bandit bases - feels like the just copied over the robot dinosaur AI (which makes sense for the robots).

All in all, seems like a really good game and I’m looking forward to seeing how the story unfolds.


Some of the tidbits you discover about the world pre-apocalypse, like diary entries and stuff, are properly sad. Would highly recommend scoping the vantage points, think there’s six or seven. Without spoiling, they’re left by a guy who did what he calls an “apocashitstorm” tour once it was obvious the world was fucked. Left like a photograph and a voice recording of a memory at places of special importance to him. In a low key, melancholy way, they tell one of the most affecting background stories I’ve seen this gen.


Ooooo I’d not checked any of them out yet. Sounds like exactly what I want out of this world.


There are lots of other similar items to find too, hologram recorders you scan with the Focus and suchlike. I like how they’re not essential but they’re not hard to find. Add a really poignant flavour. I’m pretty sure the developers read this at some point…


…cos the death-by-ASI H:ZD sketches out is generally thought by the experts to be the most likely, supposing it does go rogue.


Yeah, that’s what I’ve mainly been finding so far in between scything down several hundred raccoons.