A Gaming Thread For 2017



Feel very guilty merking 25 foxes just to get one skin for a trade. Weird considering it’s got a very pro-environmental message on the whole.


Yeah, it’s a strange decision. I think I might dislike that style of crafting even more than quick-time-events in terms of my least favourite game mechanics.

Good crafting mechanics:

  • Last of Us survival style trade-offs (except for everytime I was short of cloth despite slaying a dozen clothed enemies)
  • Fallout 4 weapons crafting
  • Dragon Age style weapons crafting

Bad crafting mechanics

  • everything else?


I find crafting weird in general. I mean, it’s diverting and all, but after a while it’s kind of a drag having to hold triangle next to the dead guy until I’ve got whatever I need. Also really annoying when my inventory is full so I have to leave someone with a loot icon above their dead body, even if all they’ve got is scraps of cloth or something. Brings out latent OCD a bit.


Just started a new game of Xenoblade Chronicles, having not really touched it in nearly two years. Such a huge game - excellent world-building and setting, NPCs with their own stuff going on, amazing soundtrack. It’s quite something that a handheld game can feel genuinely epic!

I’m going over it slowly, doing the sidequests as I go. Missed loads the first time, then went back and basically did all of them right at the end (so I was doing lv.5 quests at lv.99). At the moment, I’m an hour in and I’m still talking to people in the colony where you start before you go to get your first objective. I don’t know my irl neighbours this well.


Inventory management is such a strange beast. Conceptually it’s fine and, handled well, it should contribute to a more immersive and realistic experience. But in execution, the limit is almost always an order of magnitude above what any person could carry. Like, I’m carrying around 3 bows, two tripcasters, a spear, enough rich/bony/fatty meat to feed a village for a month, 100 arrows, several explosives, but this ancient necklace is the straw that breaks my back? Again, TLOU is my favourite implementation with the rucksack, but even then my non-active weapons magically fold down into nothingness when they’re not ready for use.


I’m a loot goblin. i can’t help myself.


Had perhaps my best ever game of Rocket League at the weekend. Recently gotten established at Gold in doubles (which I’m well chuffed with) and was 7-3 down with a minute to play. Somehow pulled it back to 7-7 after I put in a cross as the clock struck zero which my partner nodded in. Then scored a beauty in extra time to complete the turnaround. 5 goals, 3 assists - just a glorious couple of minutes of gaming.


I agree with all of that.

Did my first thunderjaw last night. SO MUCH DRAMA. I love how engaging the fights are and how the drama scales well. In the first part of the map I was scared of watchers and sawtooths now I take them in my stride

My inventory is ALWAYS full. I can’t find a bore bone to save my life to hold more resources.


Once you get to the big city there are merchants you can buy a lot of stuff from to save on grinding. Can’t remember if one sells animal stuff or not.


Never a more apt typo


Have you beaten the L5 bosses? You get great trinkets with no downsides for doing them which are incredibly useful in the final levels.


Not yet - got 1 more level 3 boss I think (that Prophet fella who gave me my first ever team wipe - the shit) then I’m moving onto those. I figured I should probably have done one of the Darkest Dungeon raids after a year of in game time though, shouldn’t I?

Also I’ve wasted a few good men/women on the Shrieker It’s probably not worth killing but it’s personal between me and that feathery bastard. Had him down to 4 hit points when he murdered my best Arbalest last time.


:grinning: You only need to outlast the Shrieker, unless you have a ton of ACC boosters/dodge rebuff you can barely hit it anyway. Concentrate on killing its nest instead for a big financial reward.

Also if Vvulf attacks and you don’t have a fully upgraded team to take him on, send a bunch of noobs and then immediately quit. You’ll save the hamlet at the cost of one idiot.


It’s so frustrating, the amount of people that vote to forfeit because you are two nil down after a minute and a half.

Surely everyone has been in a game where there is a turnaround in the last minute? And it’s the best thing ever when it happens so why not keep trying for another one?

(this should absolutely not be interpreted as a sexual euphemism)


Good call, might walk back to the city and get a bigger pack. I never know what to save, I might just sell it all and go hunting for it later if I need it.


Make one incredibly minor early mistake
"Team8 n000000000b"
“y do I always get bad team8s?”
“uninstall pls”


Oh man, I’ve never even seen Vvulf. Christ this game is long/huge.


My team are noobs
Check your score

Really looking forward to when Premiership football players adopt these arguments.


So Wayne, what went wrong today at Everton?



Only a matter of time before he starts screaming, “WHAT A SAVE!” repeatedly in Pickford’s face whenever they concede.