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And Pickford replies - Calculated


This is probably my second most-used chat option, just behind “Sorry!”


I’m pretty sure they mean the same thing, just coming from different directions.


scores bizarre goal via 4 deflections and two walls
Me: "OMG!"
Opponent: "lucky goal"
Me: "Calculated"
Me: "Calculated"
Me: "Calculated"
chat has been disabled for 3 seconds


Given how many of them are Fifa addicts, I’m surprised it hasn’t already happened. I’d guess because whilst they are, their PR trainers aren’t.


If you’re playing it on PC, absolutely look into the workshop because there’s lots of anti-grind, easier difficulty stuff in there which could help you. I enjoy masochism but I wouldn’t have kept playing it without the higher heirloom stack mod, for instance. Also highly recommend the Falconer and Lamia class mods; really well done and well balanced characters to try.


Bloody love that game. Never did get up to Level 99 (think I completed the game around Level 75) but still felt like I had loads to do it in, even after 120+ hours.

Always meant to replay it, but suspect I never will.

XC X did some things I really liked (and design decision wise, led to key mechanics in BOTW) but lost all sense of strong progress and narrative in the process, though earning that Mech was one of the best achievements in a game ever.

Should be super excited about XC2 but slightly afraid I don’t have the heart for another 100 hours of that battle system. I know the music will be amazing. I know the story will be interesting. I know the world design will be better than 99% of all other games made ever.

But… dunno… just not ‘feeling it’ yet?


One my favourite things about Xenoblade is the way massive enemies are dotted about naturally - like dinosaurs in the jungle, mammoths on the mountains and such. The world isn’t arranged in level order for you to progress through, in other words.

So you can be wandering along, then you meet this thing…


…and it’s a lv.108 superboss who easily murders your team.

First time I saw this, I didn’t believe its level and thought I could beat it because it’s a rabbit. Bloodbath ensued.


That’s not a bad idea - I was planning to bloody mindedly trudge through it but I can feel myself burning out. Heirloom stacks are bullshit anyway so I can get rid of those without feeling like I’m cheating my way through it. Cheers for the tip.

Ideally I’d like to go back in time and tell myself to play it on Radiant mode though tbh.


Yeah I liked that too. One of many things I reckon that team took over to BOTW or that he Nintendo team were influenced by:


Never trust a rabbit :rabbit:


I read this trying to remember what PR trainers look like, probably like Converse or Vans? Imagine the humiliation after searching google


Finished South Park Fractured but whole this weekend. Enjoyed it a lot and there were some funny bits but felt quite short (100% completion in 27 hours) and stick of truth felt a little better? Despite the combat and even the story being a lot better in this one.


Random question: You know how sometimes a game comes long and the whole industry has to react and up their game? So, GTA3 back in the day or Halo on Xbox? Do you reckon that loads of the big publishers are currently reworking game engines and major franchises having played Breath of the Wild?

I ask as I went back to some old open world games lately and was chatting at lunchtime to someone who, like me, had done similarly lately. And we were both finding them hard to play in a post-BOTW era. Invisible walls stopping progress, lack of freedom, knee high boxes we couldn’t jump over.

Not expecting every franchise to turn into Zelda overnight, nor should they, but I wonder if the things that game does will force developers into rethinking the way games play. For example, Red Dead Redemption 2 got put back a few months - think that BOTW was in some small way the reason for this?


I think that and Witcher 3 have had huge impacts on OW games tbh.


Hard to say without having played it but open world games have been due a shake-up for a while. I think GTAV’s throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks approach highlighted how bereft of ideas that type of game has become. I hope Rockstar have been looking everywhere they can for inspiration - if they’re gonna BotW it up I won’t complain.


GTA has been stale as fuck ever since San Andreas IMO. For an open world game, it was remarkable how little choice or control I felt I had during missions in V. The switching between the three characters and the heists were so scripted and mechanical they were for all intents practically on-rails. Nothing I did affected anything in a meaningful way.

Whereas Witcher and BotW (from what I’m told about BotW) have really fucked with the program and created something unique and fun. Likewise Horizon ZD.


The recent (so IV and V) GTA games, have been incredibly linear experiences disguised as open world titles in my eyes. The illusion of choice rather than a genuine one.


As noted, upthread in (separately) discussing HZD and New Vegas, I really just want a sense of agency. Not played BOTW, but only Witcher 3 has given me that feeling this gen. Give me some branching quest-lines, some factions each with merits and flaws, and the ability to complete a quest through speech options rather than killing the dudes, and I’ll be happy.


Like just climbing on Roach and galloping off to a random question mark in W3, seeing what happens along the way, what random event you uncover or stories you happen across, is just as involving and dramatically satisfying as whatever happens at your destination.

Whereas aside from running over my millionth pedestrian or seeing how long I can last at 5 star wanted level, and some really good radio stations, what is there to actually discover and affect about Liberty City or San Andreas V?