A Gaming Thread For 2017



Free PS4 games this month are Worms Battleground and Bound. Should be good.


I’m glad someone recommended Sunset Overload the other day when I asked. Enjoyed a few hours with it this afternoon - all the fun bits of a skate game, Mirrors Edge and a shooter combined.

The missions are yer standard ‘go here, kill that, collect this, go back home’ sort of fare but the colours, the grinding, bouncing and swinging, the music, the pace of it all makes it immense fun.

Gonna have a crack at Titanfall 2 tomorrow.


@xylo titanfall 2 is fucking awesome. finished the campaign today, was finally getting to grips with the wallrunning/titans by the end and then have gone into the multiplayer and have been absolutely smashing it all day. nice to be actually good at a game for once as well.


Fuck yes! :smiley: it feels so disjointed to begin with but after you get used to it it’s brilliant


It’s the best innit? Might replay the campaign on some sort of mega tough guy difficulty soon


Marvel Capcom starting to feel fun despite the horrible, horrible single player leaving an angry mark. But the fluidity of combos is surprising, if a complete departure from previous releases


I made the mistake of picking up the elder scrolls online new DLC last night. That’s a rabbit hole that might take a while to dig myself out of again.


keep managing to not buy skyrim. but keep wanting to buy skyrim


That’s all of our lives, isn’t it? I own that at least twice. I want a switch so I can have it on that now.


EA’s bought Respawn Entertainment. Instead of titans falling from the sky it’s gonne be LOOTCRATES, amirite lads


Completed Resi 3 (felt like a chore by the end, also considering how tough some of it was, the final boss is very easy)

Started Code Veronica (it’s fucking great. There are significantly more weapons and less health than 3 though)

Up to Gold Saucer in FF7

very much enjoying playing Old Games at the moment


Just realised I bought Monkey Island 1 & 2 three times each: the four and eleven (!) 3.5" disk Amiga versions, and the remasters on iOS and PC.

Hope Ron Gilbert is enjoying his gold monkey-crewed yacht


I have a gaming dilemma. Playing through skyrim remastered and, just like last time, have married Aela the Huntress. Eldest (teenager) is also playing skyrim on her profile and she has taken a shine to Aela(independently from me and my game) and has decided she wants to marry her when she completes the companions questline.

  • That’s a bit weird m9, you shouldn’t have a father and his daughter both married to the same fictional character on the same ps4
  • It’s fine m7, it’s just a game, no one cares

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A teenager absolutely should not to be attracted to such a wholesome character as Aela. See if you can’t nudge her towards that edgy dunmer you meet in Whitemarch early on.


Has anyone tried the Horizon DLC yet? I should get it but I am thinking about another playthrough first.


RE4 is just…the pacing is so good. it’s SO. GOOD.


Greatest game of all time imo


like i’ll be super fucking stressed but only for just long enough without feeling upset. and then there’s a period of eerie quiet and i’m hoping there’s ammo fucking ANYWHERE. because then that goddamn music is back and one of those pricks has really quietly gotten to the right of me and I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO RELOAD, PROFK


Desperately swiping the knife backed into a wooden shack surrounded by Spanish fuckers with pitchforks until the end of time