A Gaming Thread For 2017



that goddamn sizzling sound when dynamite has been dropped, with a pre-celebration ‘muuuurgh’ groan coz the cunt’s gotten above you


it’s no RE1


Here he is


it’s like he can sense RE4 chat



The automatic difficulty adustment in that game is perfect. You’re constantly in the sweetspot of being challenged and on the edge of running out if resources, yet it never feels impossible.


Just traded the Xbox one in for a 360… And a switch haha


Finished it 40 odd times. Masterpiece



welcome to your new home


I’m watching my wife play it now, and she’s liking it - it looks like more of the same, but with lots of snow. so probably well worth a look.


Yeah boio. It’s mainly for the thinly veiled as she’s a huge Nintendo fan and loved the Wii u. Had to rebuy a few Xbone games on Ps4 too but got plenty of credit in cex from it all. Excited for mario


John Carpenter is a massive Sonic Mark


I got Nioh and I’m really, really bad at it.


It suffers a bit from systems bloat at first, even in combat but you can quickly gain some skills which make managing ki much more of a smooth experience. Also, big shift in pace from Souls if you’ve just been playing that. It’s an absolute joy when you find your rhythm - good luck!


Kinda curious about this, haven’t had a decent vampire fix since Soul Reaver waaayyyyy back when:

What games are you hyped for/mildly interested in?


I thought the GeForce thinger had captured my last embarrassing death but apparently not. Rolled away from danger and into a fire.


have really visceral dread flashbacks when I think back to some sections of that game. particularly the swamp


Did you ever play Vampire: The Masquerade? Really outstanding but buggy rpg that some German dude’s been steadily sorting out over the years with a ton of unofficial patches.


Damn I’m good.


The combat is wonderful when you get into the flow of it. I ended up losing interest at around the halfway point though as I just wasn’t that into the story/world. Had a great time with it whist I was playing, but it was always hard to find the motivation to dive back in again. Should probably pick it up again at some point.