A Gaming Thread For 2017



I never felt any compulsion to pick it up because the story is so vacuous, but then when I did I would sink 3 hours into it because the feel of combat is so glorious. It highlights how important the world-building is in Soulsborne games.
Completed it but then lost momentum in the first DLC. May pick it up again but that lack of caring about the story doesn’t help.


well that was definitely one of the top 3 angriest walls I’ve ever seen


The combat is great but it’s wasted because there is a lack of variety (of enemies). I went from finding it tough, getting my rhythm, then feeling - oh, it’s the big flame guy again.

The Souls games always introduce new enemies with different attack patterns at each new area, Nioh just keeps throwing the same half a dozen ones at you.


Kind of feels like it’s more of a hybrid between something like Bayonetta and a Souls game than something of that lineage.


Finally started The Witcher 3 last night and having a great old time. The combat seems a bit limited - didn’t expect to get through my first ghoul ambush with a Tekken style button bash - but that suits me as a gamer really. Happy to approach it like a medievil GTA. The world is stunning


Yep, this pretty much sums up my feelings. As much as I love the combat and mechanics of DkS/BB, it’s definately the world and story that keep me coming back. Want to play Bloodborne again now :grinning:


Liked the idea of replaying Bloodborne but whereas when I’ve replayed Dark Souls I’ve done very different styles/classes (e.g. melee then spellcaster etc) it seems that in Bloodborne there really isn’t that much difference between viable playstyles: it’s all quick and nimble slash attacks from a character in a black cloak right? Very happy to be wrong on this if someone’s had an experience of creating different viable characters.


A hybrid of Bayonetta and DS is a game I want to play but I don’t think Nioh is anywhere close.

The mechanics of the combat are great but when you are fighting the exact same enemy (except with higher HP) after 10 hours the boredom sets in.

I know it’s a highly regarded game but it just didn’t click with me.


It’s a fantastic game but definitely has less options for different builds. I’ve tried arcane and bloodtinge builds but the best weapons for them are late in the game and it makes the first two thirds so difficult that it’s just not worth it.

I tend to replay with just my trusty cane.


I think this is true, arcane and bloodtinge builds are pretty unviable. I reckon the world is interesting and evocative enough to justify another playthrough though.


Doing a new game+ on Arkham Knight and the combat is fucking solid without the spider sense things.


I tried arcane/skill and struggled, gave up on two of the optional bosses, and couldn’t face the dlc. That’s possibly due to my lack of ability and reliance on the axe to beat the game the first time. Did go back (again) to get platinum, relying mainly on the axe, but also enjoyed playing about with the Whirligig for a semblance of variety.


Yeah, the DLC weapons help to add some variety. The Whirligig’s great!


I’ve done 6 runs now. Last 3 I’ve done suicide runs into the DLC as soon as possible to get a specific weapon. I did one arcane build which was a bit different but still fundamentally reliant on the usual combat mechanics. Just such an amazing world to fight monsters in.



Started my proper playthrough of MGSV today. Just escaped the hospital.

What the fuck is going on?


played a fair bit of it and I still don’t have a fucking clue.


Feels like I’ve just watched a load of cut scenes interupted by being told to press some buttons at specific times.

Like a much more violent Parapa The Rapper.


oh man give it 3 or 4 hours or so and it’s so amazing!


Bin it. Get MGS HD collection instead and play MGS3. God, V makes my blood boil. (It’s a good game really, it was just nothing like the game I wanted after being hyped for years)

Been playing Evil Within 2 all day. Very camp, with plenty of terrible dialogue, but conceptually it’s pretty great. Some fantastic RE4 style scares too.