A Gaming Thread For 2017



See, here’s the thing. It didn’t have nearly enough cut scenes or story for me, and the story it does have can fucking do one forever.


The MGS games have amazing gameplay, and along with the so-fucking-incredibly-awful-and-nonsensical-it’s-funny stories they’ve created their own tacky, campy, kitschy kind of subgenre within action games.

Hideo Kojima can fuck right off though. That trailer for his new game is the most pretentious shite I’ve seen in some time.


The trailer to death stranding makes me happy to be a fan of his again hahahaha

Also the stories in mgs 1-3 are fucking great.

I’m a bit of a mega fan.


think from a conceptual level MGS2 might be the greatest videogame ever


It’s an outstanding piece of work. Arguably the reason I got so into storytelling in film and games as a kid.


I love the gameplay but I sort of enjoy the story the way you’d enjoy Plan 9 From Outer Space.


just the audacity of what they did after showing all the trailers with snake in was amazing


Oh aye, yeah. But thematically, philosophically, and in terms of sheer eccentricity etc, there’s so much to them underneath that comical campiness.


this got my hopes up that the HD collection might finally be in the store for ps4 but alas. i want to replay mgs3 so badly


just completed Last of Us (on hard mode, but didn’t get muh hard trophy :frowning: )

what a bloody game.


There’s an amazing youtube video about this somewhere, isn’t there? Shows that the whole game may be Snake in a VR simulator replaying the original game and questioning what is real and what isn’t? Or something…? The Cane and Rinse podcast about it was interesting. Made me rethink about the game as a complex narrative that deliberately toys with the gamer. But I recall at the time only finding some sections actually enjoyable!


I’m on the first Afghan mission and I am starting to see. Still not sure what was happening with the flying girl and the firey guy from the hospital.


push through for another hour or so and you’ll have a pretty good idea of whether you like the game or not I think


Is there any way to rent games now ?


my local Gamestop rents games for £1 a day


Haha it’s one of the reasons we have so many consoles under the tele. Hate losing access to favourites/discovering stuff I missed first time.


The firey guy is Volgin from MGS3 who should be dead but isn’t. But because there’s no decent exposition in V, it’s hard to tell what’s going on.


It’s almost as if he heard people complain about the amount of cut scenes and length of them in MGS4 and said “fuck it - have an open world/free choice game with little to none obvious story at all”.

Having said that - the mechanics and playing missions in different ways is seriously good fun. Played through MGS4 again recently and it struck me how much of a ‘corridor’ it felt…even when it tried to seem open-ended.


I haven’t played any MGS games since about 1999 and have no memory of which one or what happened.


The moment you first hear a chainsaw, then the moment just after when you realise it’s getting back up after three shotgun blasts in the face…