A Gaming Thread For 2017



Anyone seen this stuff with the EA dev on reddit? Gamers are the absolute worst


Mate, do not do ‘gaming’ on reddit, it never ends well.


What happened?


Saw it linked elsewhere. EA guy gave a really mealy-mouthed response to people losing their shit over microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront and all of a sudden he’s had death threats and shit



One of the best things about this thread is that it reminds you that normal friendly people like games too, not just the deranged mouth-breathers who represent the gaming community in some corners of the internet.


0 days since I was last ashamed to be a “gamer”.

Cannot understand why people still buy this microtransaction laden shite if they’re so bothered about it they’re willing to act like babies.


I’m way behind, I’m still sending death threats over the Batmobile in Arkham Knight.


Jim Sterling gave Zelda an 8, which is a top score, and his site was hacked several times, his youtube channel was falsely flagged for pornographic content, he had hundreds of death threats and somebody was trying to doxx his missus and her kid. Over an 8/10. The repeated justification for all this was because the score dragged down the BOTW’s metacritic average.

Red Letter Media did a retrospective of the Sonic games and overall were pretty down on them. A bunch of fanbois tried to shut down their patreon, sent them death threats, posted hundreds of “response” videos, and etc.

“Gamers” as opposed to “people who like video games” are sociopathic, entitled brats, to put it mildly.


Looks like EA have backed down. The system works!

I’m not sure giving the death threat spewing mob what it wants really sends the right message tbh. Although on the other hand it was a shitty unlock system in the first place. Basically everybody involved is terrible.


I do think what the gaming community needs is for one of the big devs to just absolutely rip the shit out of them


Would like it if they just doxxed all of the cunts tbh, they’ll have their details on file cos however much they deny it, gamers are complete drone consumers.


‘fortnite’ is really great. i can’t believe it’s free,


aye it’s ok.


it was 7/10


People who have played DOOM… Do so on easy to blast through it or keep it at a harder setting? Put 3 hours in last night and having quite cleared level 2 yet, and I’m dying A LOT.


I always assumed the idea with Doom is you’re a badass space hero so should keep the difficulty on a relatively comfortable setting. Maybe wrong though.


Yeah, it needs a bit of a challenge to keep things interesting imo but if you’re dying so much it’s not fun then bump it down. It’s supposed to be a blizzard of blood and metal riffs after all.


If you want to feel like a badass knock the difficulty down, they play so well that this rule applies to all Bethesda shooters.


Also from what I understand without a pro controller the deadzone on the joycons make it a proper pain in the arse to aim well


I’m currently using DOOM to train myself to use a steam pad. It’s been…challenging so far.