A Gaming Thread For 2017



Really wish I was playing Nioh terribly right now instead of being at work.


Using a Pro Controller so far and it’s been dreamy. Cool, I’ll knock it down a tad then! Ta all.


I started at the weekend too!

8 hours in so far, playing on baby mode and still dying a bit.
It seems good but so far literally exactly the same as New Vegas in its plotline except it’s in fantasy land?
Much better than witcher 2 though which i could never get on with.

Also my pc only runs it at 50fps in low :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

best new gfx cards at ~£150 anyone??


Just finished The Evil Within 2. Recommend it to fans of camp Capcom style action horror games. A very strong 7/10


A very good value and worthy Humble Bundle’s gone up this evening.


i’m on one-up from baby mode and its not too bad but found myself spinting through the forest on my horse to avoid some encounters. is it harder to level up with less battles?

i haven’t even done the griffin yet, really taking my sweet old time to explore everything, do the side quests, rumble those ? spots on the map


It took me ages. Eventually you work out when and how to swing at the river smurfs and start levelling up. Kill some bandits and steal their armour or buy some after you sell some gear to the blacksmith. You’ll start being able to put points into your Signs too, which will mean you can shield yourself or set things alight more easily.


Best is when you be close to death but then you QUEN SHIELD and every time they hit it you get some health back until it SPLODES in their faces.


Think this is bad advice. The first few levels are hard but by 2/3 of the way through you’ll be so nails it’s amazing.

Keep it on at least medium and use the chainsaw.


Cool. Ta. I’m addicted to Rocket League now anyhow…


I rigged myself some armour that deflects arrows and a sword that sets people on fire.

I am the horseman called Death.*



More games should have photo mode, here’s some pics from my recent replay of Arkham Knight:


I’ve spent hours in BOTW photographing Hyrule. Really addictive. There should be a competition…


Well considering it gives high budget games a lot of free publicity and helps show case the pretties off better than traditional screenshots it’s safe to assume they’ll be standard from now on.


I would be down for this but I don’t have BOTW.

I am up for Horizon or Arkham Knight until I get another game with photo mode tho.


If you’d have told me when I was 12 that games would look this good in 2017 I would have cried until you built me a time machine tbh.


I saw Halo 5 run on an Xbox One X and my jaw hit the floor. That game showed the kind of leap PS 2 to PS 3 had


Do you ever find yourself surprised at how shitty PS1 games look when you go back to them? I mean I know it was only a 32 bit system but it’s still amazing how much work your imagination did to dress them up at the time.


Yuh huh. Though the games look better on old tv’s, the huge resolution on modern tv’s mean that pixels look extra big and warped and therefor messier.


Need a new game but dunno what. Think i’m burnt out on indie games and nostalgia replays for a bit but not sure what else there is that I’d be arsed with.