A Gaming Thread For 2017

Lots of good non-violent indie games on Psn. Firewatch is a great adventure game with an excellent story. The Witness is a really interesting puzzle game. I’d also recommend Journey and the Grim Fandango remaster.


Oh, and Fez is a really cool puzzle/platformer if you’ve not played that before.

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I just reinstalled hearthstone :frowning:

223 + (not many) Going to give it another try today. My main issue is probably that I focus on one area and don’t go try another to refresh.

Rocket League!!!

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Probably wont get much cheaper than that until much later in the year.

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Second for Grim Fandango. One of my all time favourites.

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Any recommendations for a good open world game in the ilk of GTA for PS4?

Just Cause 3?

Storyline is pretty thin, but plenty of scope for driving/flying/wingsuiting around shooting things/pulling things apart with tethers/blowing stuff up and the map is massive.

Is there more to the gamr? I remember having the first for PS2 and the map was big but the actual game was all the same really

Not really, the missions are all pretty straightforward and there aren’t many of them. It’s all about destroying the guard posts, bases and towns as creatively as you wish - It is very samey, but is good for dicking about on for a few hours.

If you’re looking for something with a bit more story Watch Dogs 2 maybe? Not played it yet, gonna nab it at the end of the month, but think that fits the bill I reckon.

Watchdogs 2 , really enjoying it so far. Even if it’s a bit more stealth centric.

AH nice, I’ll see how much they both are. thanks guys!

Definitely move on and try a fresh area if you’re stuck and still have options elsewhere. Good luck- wish we still had that many puzzles left to crack on our run through!

As briefly discussed in this thread, The Witness is a great puzzle game on the ps4. Also the Talos Principle if you like puzzle type games.

Finally, someone with the correct opinion on Arkham Oranges.

I think it just came out too soon after City and looked too similar. Gotham feels a bit dead compared to City and the excuse for their being no civilians (it’s a bit snowy) doesn’t make any sense. Also everyone had Joker fatigue at that point and making him the focus (especially after promising a different primary nemesis to go up against) rubbed people up the wrong way. Even though it’s handled as well as, if not better than, any other entry in the series.

You’re right about the bosses - if Rocksteady ever return to Batman games they’d be wise to tag in whoever was responsible for those.

hmmmmm next general sales probably not til Easter. 40% off the the most it’s ever dropped.

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It does feel a bit empty in some ways, totally agree. But having played City within the past year, I think that’s down to Origins having a larger, more spread out map rather than less to do (bar 100000 less Riddler trophies thankfully). City gave the illusion of a busy world thanks to all the detailed art, neon, building signs and smaller scale but still just had gangs of thugs stood around. At least Origins had SWAT teams and anarchists to punch too.

Origins is a lot more linear and lacking in variety compared to City, but it didn’t bother me weirdly

Yeah I totally agree - I played it a long while after launch too though. If I’d have jumped on it at launch, so soon after City, I can see how it’d suffer from over familiarity.

If anything City needed a bit more linearity. It felt like they felt they had to cram the bigger map choc full of stuff to justify it. What I loved about Asylum (still the best imo) was how tight it was. Origins is the closest they came to recapturing that, despite it’s size.

I’ve got a spare Steam code for Project Cars if anyone wants it