A Gaming Thread For 2017



Yeah I totally agree - I played it a long while after launch too though. If I’d have jumped on it at launch, so soon after City, I can see how it’d suffer from over familiarity.

If anything City needed a bit more linearity. It felt like they felt they had to cram the bigger map choc full of stuff to justify it. What I loved about Asylum (still the best imo) was how tight it was. Origins is the closest they came to recapturing that, despite it’s size.


I’ve got a spare Steam code for Project Cars if anyone wants it


I hear you brother. Asylum was a fair bit better than Origins but there certainly things it improved on.

Ever played Knight?


I picked it up in the Steam sale over xmas. I’d have played it already if I still had a console but the PC launch was an utter shambles. It’s still a bit of a crapshoot as to whether it’ll run on any given PC apparently but I thought it was worth a gamble for a fiver.


I bought it on launch and got it refunded. Bought it for a fiver and happy to report it appears to finally fixed.


Really enjoyed playing through the remaster. Think it’s been about 10 years since I played it first time around. Completely forgotten how great the script is!


Yeah it seems to work for most people now. There are still a few horror stories out there but fingers crossed I’ll finally get to be as annoyed at the Batmobile sections as everyone else is.


I’m happy to take it off your very generous hands if it’s still going.


whoops i went and messed that one right up


It plays out virtually the same way regardless of how many fingernails you’re willing to listen to her lose.


I’m about halfway through The Last Guardian now and I’m really enjoying it… though it’s not without it’s quirks. The jumping is sometimes incredibly clunky, and I’ve had a couple times where Trico has just not wanted to do the obvious.

Had one moment which was supposed to be really cinematic as I fell through the air to certain death before Trico launches his tail out for you to grab onto. But when I first did Trico didn’t swing the tail over to me and I had to try it again. Did the same sequence but changed the angle of my jump by an extremely tiny amount, and this time Trico did move his tail over to me. Very frustrating and a great moment slightly spoilt.

But for the most part everything works really well and the AI is just incredible. Most believable animal I’ve seen in a game. So far it hasn’t been as poignant or as melancholic as Ico or Shadow Of The Colossus, but I’m hoping that changes.


@DarwinBabe definitely get all of these. I’d add Soma if you like horror/sci-fi stories.


Yeah I played Origins quite recently and really enjoyed it. I really liked City as well and it’s basically more of the same. But more of the same often gets unfairly panned in sequels i.e… Bioshock 2, PoP Forgotten Sands etc.


Played some really great games of Overwatch this weekend. That game is so fucking good when the teams are balanced. I’m worried I’ve outperformed my talent in the placement matches for competitive mode. Might be spending the next few months on a losing streak as I return to the mean.

I also played some Bloodborne!

Also, welcome back @colossalhorse!


What’s your current set-up on Bloodborne?
I’m in the Painted World in DS at the moment. Gonna be working in San Francisco for a month so I’m contemplating some challenge runs in the worlds of Soulsborne with all my free evenings (which is clearly what you should do while living in SF for a month!)


Get Life is Strange, it’s really wonderful


Haha, definitely a good use of your time. What you thinking? No weapons?

[spoiler]Got two games on the go currently: my NG+ with my first, pure skill build. Mostly been making my way through the chalices but I ran through the Forbidden Woods in about 10 minutes last night, was fun. The rakuyo is the best weapon. The other one is the arcane lady I created to help my buddies with bosses. Done everything apart from the DLC and the main game ending with her now. I got to Ludwig and got Vietnam flashbacks from the last time so I stopped. I need to level up some more.

My aim is to finish these two playthroughs so I can get all three endings, finish the chalices and obtain all the weapons so I can get platinum.[/spoiler]


For DS, I’m thinking shield-less, although the prospect of certain bosses is terrifying (O&S I’m looking at you). Not that I’ve finished my first run yet or anything! Fancy trying a bloodtinge run on BB - I’ve done skill, strength, and I’m halfway through NG+ with an arcane focus. That, speedrunning, or resurrecting my first character and taking the plunge on NG+3 which is a bit terrifying…




It was a highlight of whatever year it was it came out in (2015?). Definitely the first real success in terms of serialised, episodic gaming in my opinion*. They could feel relatively self-contained in terms of what episodes were focused on, but all contributed to this wider narrative; anticipating the next episode was always fun, and I kind of missed it when it was gone.

Really would love for something else in that vein, similarly well-scheduled and executed and everything.

  • Or possibly Kentucky Route Zero (if this was on PS4, I’d have recommended it), which, though not as predictably paced (or even predictably paced at all) in terms of release schedule kind of benefits from it. Little missives from that strange world that just appear from time to time.