A Gaming Thread For 2017



Picked up that Horizon Zero Dawn.

Good innit?


That Witcher mission where you go with the elf to different worlds is insane, isn’t it. I’ve played through it twice and I still can’t quite believe it happens. There’s a topless Picasso pastiche in there and it barely even registers.


Yeah, shame they didn’t do more with that concept


unlikely they’ll top that game this gen


Yeah it’s mad. Most devs wouldn’t do that because they had to create majorly different content just for one mission. God I love that game.


this just made me guffaw in the office:


I totally forgot about this, thanks for bringing it back to my life <3


I picked up Nier Automata last night, played for about two hours and am already falling for it hard.


I’m really enjoying it, haven’t had much time to play it sadly so I’m only a few hours in but I’ve really liked what I have played so far.


I don’t think I’m going to be able to put in any significant time until next Friday, it really strikes me as a game i could lose hours in.
All the podcasts I respect are absolutely gushing over it.


I really want to get on this but I’ll have to wait for it to drop in price a bit. The PC port appears to be all over the place atm anyway so hopefully it’ll be stable by the time I get in.

It’s so good to see Platinum making something big, weird and ambitious again after a few years doing (admittedly rather decent) franchise tie-in games. Love those guys.


I have it on PC and am happy with how it is running. I get some stuttering when it transitions between the various play styles (side scrolling to 3D etc), but otherwise a smooth ride.
I hadn’t paid full price for a game in ages, so was happy to do so with this one, despite a vast and ever expanding backlog.


Damn, and here I was convincing myself not buying it was the sensible option*. Read a long and technical Eurogamer article on it’s issues last night that put me off.

*it still is, I’m blummin’ broke.


Fuuuuck those arachnocunts Hearts of Stone adds. I haven’t met as unpleasant a random mook as that in years, and I’m not even an arachnophobe.


The joys of PC gaming and the impossibility of testing on every rig variant.
It insisted on trying to run with the on-board Intel graphics at about 2 fps, but after I strong armed NVIDIA it was fine.
I’m sure it’ll drop in price soon though, single player games on PC seem to be doing so faster than ever these days.


Actually checking the specs I may have to hang on until I upgrade my set-up anyways. Seeing my graphics card listed as the bare minimum required doesn’t fill me with confidence.


The song at the end is…wow.


I’ve started playing rocket league again as my lil bro was staying with us. I’d managed to kick the habit for a month or so. Still so damn gooood.


I been playing games other than Zelda!

Played a bunch of the splatoon 2 beta and now that’s all I want to play :frowning: Now the beta is over. I started getting really good at it as well :’(

Blaster Master Zero has been fantastic fun and Human Resource Machine has been a rather wonderful puzzle game.



They make me feel unpleasant just thinking about them.