A Gaming Thread For 2017



Finished all the Far Harbour missions today.

Planning to spend two weeks on Blood and Wine before giving Dishonoured 2 a proper go after that.


Glad its as good as ever. I bloody love Splatoon.

Seen a lot of thought pieces and tweets this week from journalists saying they’re struggling to go back to playing their home console after owning a Switch for a few weeks now. You found the same?

Interesting how I’m so far less down the road compared to you all on Zelda. Wonder if its in part down to the Switch vs Wii U factor…


Oh Rocket League abuse… How I’ve missed you.

“Team m8 n00b”
“You’ve got 90 points to my 480…”

“Worst m8 ever”
“We’re winning 6-3… I’ve scored half!”


In a way I guess it has. I haven’t played anything on my PC/PS4 since, not sure if it’s just the honeymoon period or if I just enjoy cracking out a game whilst laying on my bed and unexpectedly put in a few hours without even intending to do so a lot more than I thought I would. I’ve certainly played a lot more Zelda whilst laying on my bed whilst sitting up right at a tv. I think it’s just a convenience thing, also the way the console suspends and resumes gameplay is handled so incredibly well that it’s easy to dip in and out.


Based on the portion of it I’ve played (mainly) today, I recommend Night in the Woods to fellow Life is Strange enthusiasts. As with LiS, I was slightly apprehensive because it appears sometimes to lean towards occasionally irritating “Internet-friendly quirk” in the humour and tone.

The more I’ve played though, the more the imaginative and (from what I can tell), detailed, carefully constructed setting and its characters are starting to shine through. Thus far, it’s making use of its interactivity in a pretty neat way, as well.

Can’t be arsed to think of what else to say and how it should be structured in sentences anymore, but yeah it’s good, maaaan.


Finally finished Arkham Knight at the weekend. Comfortably the worst of the 4 Arkham Games. Just about everything good about it was stuff that worked in the previous games, that somehow shone through despite the bollocks they’d added to it. And there was a whole lot of just straight up bad stuff to wade through to get to the decent bits.

Next in the backlog: Dishonored (which I’m already halfway through) and The Talos Principle. Also picked up Rainbow Six: Seige over the weekend for no good reason but I’ve yet to give that a go. I expect to be really quite bad at it.


Will check it out, ta.


Put the hours into Mass Effect: Andromeda over the weekend. Still really enjoying it. It’ll be a real shame if the outraged angry internet men cause it to be overlooked, because it’s still a really solid Mass Effect game.


My favorite method was to build one of those pepsi max drop things with the central tower being only 15ft tall then setting the passenger section to launch up at 200mph. That thing goes flying across the park full of guests before exploding when it hits the ground.


just bought super meat boy for £1 from steam :sunglasses:


The bits with the batmobile are so shit. Think I preferred it to origins though.


I preferred Origins - it had the best boss fights in the series by a mile. Arkham Knight’s solution to the main Rocksteady team being woeful at boss battles was to just not bother with any, apart from a couple of hide and seek tank battles. And whatever the fuck was happening with the Riddler (I’m not collection 200+ trophies just to fight him in a mech suit. Didn’t that guy use to do riddles? Which when you’ve got a series of encounters with Batman’s greatest foes means each one is something of an anti-climax, each more disappointing than the last.

And don’t get me started on the plot. No seriously - no needs to hear a comic-book-guy rant on a two year old game.

The more I think about it the more I think I hate it.


If it helps (which it won’t), this game is fucking incredible. Set 7am alarms on the weekend just so I could get a few hours in before obligations took over (I do not regret this decision).


Well…no. No that doesn’t help at all.

Glad you’re enjoying it though. I’ll get to it sometime in the Summer I reckon.


Better crack on with Zelda and finish it soon


So hyped about this now! Just watched a couple of reviews and it looks like it’s going to be incredible.


Rainbow Six is really good in some situations. The problem with it now is that everyone has worked out how to play it and they do the same things all the time. The solo stuff is good fun though.


Picked up Ghost Recon on Tuesday. It’s a great game if you turn the mini map off and get some friends involved. Lots and lots of drama.


I think about this every so often


Shown Furcotte omg