A Gaming Thread For 2017




I'm changing my name to Bobson Dugnutt. No one can stop me.





Finished Dishonoured 2, really great but it's a shame the final two levels were a bit less interesting than the rest.

Now playing Horizon Zero Dawn. I find most open world games quite dull, but I'm really enjoying this and at around 2/3rds through I'd say it's the best in that genre, that I've played anyway. For the past two days it's pretty much all I've done, and I don't usually power through games like that.


Started playing Blood and Wine yesterday. Still getting used to playing Witcher again after a year of Fallout. I'm also embarrassed it took three attempts to beat the perfumer at Gwent.

What a game!


holy shitballs my persona 5 has been dispatched - yes boys yes


also i sold horizon zero doot cos it got pretty boring


Gonna try and finish ffxv Sunday. Not hit altissia yet but my characters are super levelled up due to all the quests and expericasts I've done so will try to breeze through it


Hopefully going to sex an alien tonight. AND ALSO IN MASS EFFECT!!


Heading towards the end of Horizon Zero Dawn and I've really been enjoying it, more detailed thoughts to follow but a big thumbs up


Still getting round to playing all the 'modern classics', bought Last of Us this evening and played it for about an hour and a half before getting really bored and giving up. Annoyed that I didn't know it was made by Naught Dog, I really really hated Uncharted 2 when I played it. Can't enjoy that feeling of being completely on rails at all; I want to play a game, not a bad film.

Dunno what I'm gonna play now. Just wasted £15.


Modern Classic Underwhelmhood Pt. 2: Been playing Pillars of Eternity for a good three or four hours now, after getting it on the latest Steam sale. Not feeling it in the slightest.


Is anyone as excited as me for Death Stranding?


My favourite bit in The Last of Us is getting 3 Aku Aku masks and then you're temporarily super-powerful


It's very slow and dry. You have to be really into that style of game, I think. I never finished it.


Hideo Kojima?

I was lectured online recently for being OK with BOTW taking 2 years to come out after I bought my Wii U as the gameplay footage assured me it'd be worth the wait. Someone was saying 'you've been conned'.

Yet I nearly bought a PS3 to play The Last Guardian and the main reasons I know some people bought a PS4 were Shenmue 3, Final Fantasy VII and this game. The trailer looks really cool, but until I see gameplay footage its just another Scalebound to me and could never see the light of day.


I'm intrigued about it, want to see what the actual game of it is though before getting 100% pumped for it. plus it probably won't be out for aaaaaages.


Killed some centipedes and rescued parts of a statue.

Good work if you can get it.


5 hours into Persona 5. If you have a ps3 or 4 and even just a passing interest in good videogames. Then get it.


What a mess...