A Gaming Thread For 2017



Don’t like agreeing with/ever reading Youtube comments, but it’s true that even if this scene worked the dialogue is fist-bitingly bad. That’s been the case in every snippet I’ve seen.


Can you honestly say youve played a game that had good dialogue/writing?


I can say I’ve played games with better dialogue and writing than that, race to the bottom face.


Last of us was ok!




Dark Souls/Bloodborne

As discussed up thread, Life Is Strange.
Another vote for TLOU.
And Fallout New Vegas.

That’s probably it mind.


Silent Hill 2 is the benchmark for me but im sure most would disagree! Not played last of us myself but what i saw when the tv was playing it was quite annoying. I hate that modern gaming trend of characters constantly stating the bleedin’ obvious out loud the whole time.


Witcher 3, a couple of the Telltale games, Portal 2, Fallen London/Sunless Sea and Kentucky Route Zero too. That’s all without having to go back more than five years or so.


Technobabylon on top of the others mentioned above has some wonderful writing.


Back into Rocket League in a big way. Thought I’d kicked the habit.

Near the end of Nioh I think but not feeling super inspired to pick it up. I also know that when I do I will play it for hours. It’s a joy to play in the moment but I still just don’t care about the story.


Witcher 3 is a good shout, aye.


Pre ordered this so hoping it’s going to arrive by Tuesday! Can’t wait, Persona 4’s one of my all time favourites.

Looking forward to getting into a proper JRPG. I enjoyed FFXV but it had so many flaws. From the reviews I’ve read, P5 sounds like it’s exactly the game I was hoping it was going to end up being.


Played a bit of Hyper Light Drifter last night. Looks and sounds amazing, but man it’s pretty difficult!


i need healing


Portal 2.

Laugh out loud funny, and perfectly paced.


Stephen merchant isnt it? F that.


He didn’t write it…

Great performance though, as is J.K. Simmons, and the lady who plays GLaDOS. If you’ve not played it

a) Play it
b) I am profoundly jealous


Played the first one, got no desire to play the second. Cant stand that bloke.


Lucasarts games from back in the day: Monkey Island, Indy IV, Grim Fandango, Day of the Tentacle. Elegant games from a more civilised age.


I enjoyed a lot of the writing of the original Bioshock