A Gaming Thread For 2017



So I’ve completed Horizon Zero Dawn now and I would like to give it two thumbs firmly up.

It’s not going to be for everyone… One of the drawbacks to have a well realised story in an rpg is that you don’t have the freedom you might expect to create your own story (it’s definitely more witcher than skyrim in that respect) Alloy is a very likeable if slightly bland protagonist and I enjoyed being her through to the end credits.

The world is beautiful and it totally has its cake and eats it in terms of mixing sci fi and fantasy tropes. I really enjoyed the story as you delve deeper into ancient archives to discover why the world is in this state in the first place.

Gameplay is tight, I really loved the bow centric combat. Recommended.


Mate these games are OLD!!! You’re obviously blinded by nostalgia.


Oh definitely! But those games with their stories and characters still hold up today - probably because there was less emphasis on ‘gameplay’/physics/game engine. If you can’t animate a massive explosion, throw in some fiery zingers instead! You fight like a cow etc.




Also, DoTT and Grim Fandango both received schmancy revampings recently. Both hold up very well.


Yes yes yes yes. To a certain extent Gone Home too


i need healing



This review has sold me HZD.


Excellent! Please don’t be put off by some rather dull hand holding training missions, once you leave the first area the world really opens up


It’ll probably be summer before I actually lay hands on it but everything you’ve said about it sounds right up my street.


Finished Night in the Woods last night. One of my favourite games I’ve played this year (though I don’t play loads of games per year / I take my time these days / whatevs), and I definitely reiterate that I’d recommend it to anyone who liked Life is Strange. It captures that same nostalgic tone, with similar meditations on the dangers of dwelling on the past and the perceived idyll of memory (also, like LiS, the “fandom” around seems to be a tad on the irritating side in places).

Along similar lines, anyone who is (like me) a massive devotee of Kentucky Route Zero may find something to like in this. It has a similar sense of nuance in how it deals with some of its common themes (the abandonment of the small-town environment, working class identity, etc.) and is clearly influenced by it in other ways (in a formal sense, it has a very ‘vignette’-ish structure) but synthesises this influence to create something distinct and personal. The developers clearly have an understanding of what it’s like to be a young adult in a small town; aimless strolls around the same streets (and occasional diversions, explorations), being surrounded by recognisable artefacts of the / your past, etc. and it engages with all this stuff from a really well-realised perspective. Seems like a weird coincidence that I’m typing this post after scrolling past the question as to whether any games are well-written (to which the answer is obvs yes m9) as well, because this is a fine example of a well- and carefully-written game (this article describes it better than I can be arsed to: https://waypoint.vice.com/en_us/article/what-mass-effect-andromeda-and-horizon-could-learn-from-night-in-the-woods).

That use of influence was really welcome, as a little aside. Just because I find games can tend to lean a tad to heavily to just paying homage and kind of leaving it. Like if an indie game says it’s influenced by Twin Peaks, you can bet there’ll be a diner and one of the characters will drink coffee or something in a really affected way.


I love Rubacava. If there’s an afterlife, I think I’d be disappointed if it wasn’t like Rubacava.


getting well psyched for the new brutal doom update


Well into Shin Megami Tensei 4: Apocalypse (sort of sequel to SMT 4 that goes off in a different direction). I’m enjoying how you go to many of the same places, but for different reasons, and I keep being upended by the plot. It started getting weird when Krishna turned up, summoned a giant snake and kidnapped the main character from the last game - very ‘out of body’ watching stuff happen to your old character, and the game knows that.

There should be the standard Law/Chaos/Neutral paths, but at the moment, I’ve no idea what those actually are! There’s an Irish skull demon living in my phone, think he’s behind everything.


I’m debating whether I want to check out Thimbleweed Park or Undertale.


so my switch is bending, these reports are definitely true.

Shame the thing is just not very well made.




are oxenfree and/ or virginia worth getting (half price, that is)?


Undertale, deffo. Heard mixed things about Thimbleweed.