A Gaming Thread For 2017



Oxenfree, definitely (if you like the more narrative focused games, that is). I kind of liked Virginia, but -- and I should replay it to get a better insight on it -- it seems like a parody of an "art game" at points, with surface obscurity for the sake of being abstract and weird that doesn't really add anything.


Finished Horizon. Loved it even though it does have its niggly flaws, the only large offender being the human combat is dull and there's too much of it.

Persona 5 arrived today, can't wait to get home from work!


I think i'll pick them both up, virginia does look 'intereting' at the very least, even if it isn't great


anyone else playing Persona 5? Hit the 10 hour mark last night. HOLY FUCK this game is so, so good


Do I need to have played previous entries in the series?




Do need to be a massive weaboo though


What actually is it?


a very stylish anime JRPG with great combat, characters, writing, and thematic concepts

it's bold, funny and just pops off the tele

if u like rpg's go for it. If you don't... i dnk, get it when its cheaper and repent for not liking them?


Is it a turn-based combat sort of deal?


turn based, but does it in a way that's super fun and it's almost like pokemon i guess in that it pays to collect persona's....

the last boss i fought was the physical representation of a school PE teacher's perverse desires. it was fun.


Turn based is good IMO


you'll be right at home then


I liked the human combat! One shot kills to the face with the bow never gets old


saw this and it made me laugh, think that mechagamezilla shared it



nsfw btw ffs


Arrived today but don't think I'll get chance to play until the weekend :sob:


I think hearing this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B69GfSqEZEs) is making me seriously consider Undertale more. It's another one of those games where there's an obsessive hype around it that obscures everything behind annoying arsey "fandom".

I'll probably give Thimbleweed a shot at some point (LucasArts were a massive part of my childhood / my development in terms of game, story, and humour tastes), when the price is down a tad.


Got it today, played it for a couple of hours so far. it's well good. even enjoyed getting lost on the subway ffs.


I've continued on with Pillars of Eternity, so it's evidently doing something right, even if I'm not entirely clear what. I'm a sucker for massive worlds that keep promising more around every corner, so I guess it's that.

Two entirely separate issues that are guaranteed to infuriate me in fantasy RPG games:

  • Calling rabbits smeerps. Mates, if you cannot be bothered to do anything more original than rip your enemies directly from Dungeons & Dragons to populate your dragon-infested dungeons, do not give them stupid alternative names as if that'll improve matters. It's a fucking kobold, at least have the balls to say as much.

  • Not properly gating your quests. Early on I received a quest to get rid of the local tyrant. I was encouraged to do this subtly, which I did, because I love being a sneaky bastard. I crept over the castle walls, stole some disguises and got to the lord through a back entrance. What's there? A boss fight I was completely underlevelled for, which destroyed my fresh-faced band of punks in literally five seconds. My options were a) backtrack about half an hour, or b) stick the difficulty down to the wonderfully euphemistic 'story mode', which is what I did (it was still a close fucking fight).

I hate this type of shit because it's so easy to account for. Put a suggested level next to each quest. Don't have the quest-giver show up until the player's reached a certain level. Have the fucking quest-giver say you look too wet behind the ears for it. Even arbitrarily locking me out from it is better. I just know, from the whole feel of the game, that this was deliberately left open and undefined because it's, like, totally hardcore, and it ain't going to hold your hand princess.