A Gaming Thread For 2017



Cheers @colonel_getafe! Didn’t think anyone had noticed I’d gone.


Lately I have been mostly playing:

Dishonored - got this cheap off the back of the hype for the second one. I’m enjoying it though the lack of stealth/non-lethal options is a drag. I managed to keep the body count under 5, if we don’t count the Brothel mission which puts it closer to 50. Turns out hacking turrets leads to everyone in a 5 mile radius being blown up with rockets. Also my ‘kick the door down, shoot the mark in the face and leg it’ assassination plan was not as watertight as it at first seemed.

Elite: Dangerous - Just started this and I’ve no idea what’s going on. I spent a good hour on the tutorials and still spent a good 15 minutes botching my first landing. It’s annoying and feels a bit empty but I just know I’m going to sink dozens of hours into it. I’m shit at dogfighting so I think I’ll take up mining to honour my Yorkshire heritage. Only instead of being at the coalface like my father and my father’s father I’ll be blasting imaginary asteroids with my imaginary space lazer. I’m sure they’d be proud.


Your Corvo stealth build should be:
Bend Time
Possession (my fave and now ridiculously OP in Dishonored 2 as you can chain possession between living humans, animals and dead bodies (!!!))
Dark Vision
and obvs upgrading Blink
and upgrading your sleep dart capacities and stun mines.
And then hope you luck out for certain bone charms (which are randomised).
I only really REALLY got into Dishonored on my second full playthrough of it.

Only 15 minutes on your first Elite landing? Jealous.


@epimer I played a bit of eternal but haven’t got past the SP tutorial bits yet, cheers



Let me know if there’s anything I can help with. rngeternal is a good site for articles, tier lists etc.


is it gonna have a silly learning curve ? at the moment i’m going through the SP stuff with my eyes closed, it’s going to throW me into an abyssal deep-end in a bit isn’t it?


One of the difficulties it has at the moment is that the player base is pretty small and everybody is really good.

Mechanically it’s fine, but winning games against other people is hard.


That’s pretty much what I’ve got going on, apart from the stun mines. I didn’t even know they were a thing.

I think I’ll probably jump straight to 2 once I’m done. I can definitely see how it’d be better on a second run through but I’ve too much to play and the new powers sound like great fun.

15 minutes for my first in game landing. We don’t talk about the tutorials…


I’m so deep down the overwatch hole it’s not even funny. Really enjoying Watchdogs 2 when I’m able to pull myself away from Overwatch.

Really starting to enjoy playing Ana, sniping heals for dayzzzzz.


oh my bad - the stun mines didn’t come in until the DLC.


I just got GTA V for Xbox One after completing it on 360 back in 2013 when it was released - was amazed to find that 2 years after it was released on Xbone it was still hovering around the £45 mark, even in CEX, but I managed to find it in Tesco for £25 somehow.

It’s fucking amazing isn’t it, totally forgot how easy it is to completely waste your life away on it. I’ve played GTA games my whole life but tbh never played the missions very much when I was younger, just used to fuck about for hours on end trying to get 5 stars, but I am actually sitting at my desk today itching to get home to fire up the missions again.


Still find Ana extremely difficult to play, a competent one is extremely useful though. My healer du jour is Zenyatta, he’s fucking great. Also, not a healer but the changes to Symettra have made her essential for defending points - that shield generator is the best.


I recently switched to PC because it was cheaper than buying a new ps4 controller! Thought anna was pretty difficult on console but she’s a god on PC, shame her healing grenade is going to get nerfed :frowning: still super satisfying bolting it from a team and sleep darting whenever tries to cut you off


Ah I thought I hadn’t seen you online in a while. Funny how different the meta is on PC - I can imagine that Ana is super useful with the better aiming.


Ah, shame - playing non-lethal you’ve basically only got stun darts and the old choke takedown. A bit annoying with so many shiny killgadgets in the inventory.


Quick JAG - a friend of mine makes some rather nifty small puzzle games for Android. He released his latest yesterday for free if anyone’s in the market for a pretty looking and rather tricky* puzzler:

*Disclaimer: may not be tricky, I might be an idiot.


More Jensen news:

  • His top-ranking prank comedy web series “Jensen Hurls Fridges From Great Heights” has really become a part of everyday life in Prague. Best proven by two cops making a comment along the lines of it being a quiet night, as a refrigerator flew past them at an alarming speed from a high-up flat.

  • Sadly, this success didn’t translate into his latest venture into the world of the prank comedy web series. “Jensen Hurls A Corpse At Strangers” was met with a decidedly more frosty reception, so frosty in fact that he was shot and killed by the police.

I’m sure, dear reader, that you can share with me these feelings of lament for how fickle is the heart of the common man.


Also, has anyone played Jazzpunk? Stumbled across the director’s cut on the PS Store a while ago, and it might be a good intermediary between the new Deus Ex and Dishonoured 2. Thinking about checking out the Amnesia games as well, on the basis that I really liked Soma (though from what I understand, Soma is accepted to be the better, more interesting game).


Jazzpunk is very funny, short, but very funny. Enjoyed my time with it a lot, it’s very bizarre and thin on gameplay.


I love these posts