A Gaming Thread For 2017



Yeah I remember that. Wonderfully, when I did it there was some bug that made backtracking and coming back later impossible (I forget the details), so that was good!!

It didn’t happen again though. There was a world boss or something that I had to nope the fuck away from, but it wasn’t at the end of a big castle or anything.

I can’t remember at what stage things get unlocked, so I’ll be vague to avoid spoilers, but if you’re in a thing that has lots of vertical levels and find it difficult, come back later.

Also, Mages and Cyphers have absurd amounts of crowd control, which can make those big group fights trivial if you spec for them. Priests are also very, very strong.


Sega teasing Bayonetta news…

Switch ports? A third game? Amiibo?


Managed to play the first hour last night but not any more, frustratingly enough!

The first hour weirdly reminded me of Fast and The Furious Tokyo Drift, and I mean that with praise!


Can’t stop playing rocket league again. Think my favourite thing in all of video games might be when someone scores an absolute worldy into their own net :joy:


I managed to kill my PC over the weekend. Now all I have available to game on is an old laptop running linux, which for some reason only seems to like running FTL. This is the first time I’ve not had a dedicated gaming system since I was about 8 years old. It’s making me twitchy.


They released an 8bit version of Bayonetta on PC on april fools. Probably a PC port of the original


This is what I’m assuming it’ll be. That said, the amiibo is way overdue…


Amiibo seems likely, they’re doing all the Smash characters I think

Where is Smash 5


Suspect we’ll get info at E3. Either a ‘deluxe’ port of ss4 combining the best bits of 3DS and Wii U version and maybe some new stuff or a potential SSB thats some ways off yet.
Either way I want my Cloud Strife amiibo!


Can you put it in the other way for a bit so it bends back?


If only.


Turned off life is strange after about 90 seconds


It’s good to know the game doesn’t throw any more dogshit-balls like that at least.

This is not on the Main RPG Hate List, but I don’t like the way so many of them devolve into “find the nuke spell amongst the 12 useless others and then spam it forever”. So far what I’ve largelty been doing is riding the mad priest as far into the melee as possible then activating his once-per-fight holy hand grenade, which does the trick most of the time.


Anyone else had a go at the new dark souls dlc yet? I’m slightly terrified as being really rusty is surely not going to make it easy


I’ve not done either DLC for DS3 yet. Reviews for it are pretty damning from what I’ve read. Feel more inclined to continue my second playthrough of the original or boot up another BB run tbh.


[quote=“AphexTwinkletoes, post:995, topic:10388”]
Reviews for it are pretty damning from what I’ve read[/quote]
I’ve not read much but reaction to the newest one seems to have been pretty good, no?

In Bloodborne related news, I absolutely wrecked the Orphan at the third attempt on my NG+ run but now I’m seriously banging my head against Lawrence. Once I beat him I can play another game for a few days!


Nice! Lawrence is maybe my second least favourite boss after Ebrietas. It’s just a bit of a grind and he does too much damage (although if you whirligig it then the first section is ok).
Still think I’d be perfectly happy if I was only able to play BB and Rocket League ever again on PS4.


It gets way less cringeworthy (not that there’s any chance at all of you returning to it obvs)


Project Scorpio apparently rendering Forza 6 with no additonal optimization and a 10 day porting period at 4k 60FPS whilst only hitting 70% load. This thing is going to cost a fortune isnt it? CPU 30% faster GPU 4x more powerful and 12GB of incredibly fast RAM means it might be the first true 4K HD Home Console.


Aye literally zero. The Diane Arbus/selfie chat properly did me in.