A Gaming Thread For 2017



oh yeah I finished Ocarina of Time the other day. it was good, I mean it’s obviously dated in a lot of respects, but generally holds up quite well overall. I thought Ganondorf (as the second last boss) was really tedious and annoying, luckily they brought out Ganon to finish it off. I think it would have left quite a sour taste in my mouth if not.

started Day of Tentacle yesterday. it seems good so far; I’m not sure if I like the art style very much but I think I’m warming to it a little


Dunno what that means, but sounds expensive! Eurogamer placed it the $450-500 mark I saw.

Sure E3 will tell us more.

I can’t get excited about press releases like this. Power doesn’t equate to a decent idea and execution. Until I see some interesting games, Xbox is in a distant third place for me.

Square Enix already saying they’re not likely to specifically develop for it and see more potential with Switch. (An indie came out today and said Switch, when optimised, is pretty close to a PS4 spec. Which I’d not heard before.)

Given the cost of development - and failure - for these blockbuster titles now, I wonder how many developers right now want more polishing and legwork to do. A mediocre launch of something like Dishonored 2 can spell the end of an entire studio these days…


I thought it was very shit to start with, but it became one of my favourite games of that year as it went on. (The series as a whole, I mean, the first episode only gets good around the time they play ‘Piano Fire’ by Sparklehorse and Chloe’s dad describes it as “raucous punk” or whatever he says, which tickled me quite a bit)


Oh shit, I had forgotten the funniest bit of the game is that she’s a photography student who takes selfies really seriously. I’ll reiterate that I loved the game so much, but a part of my enjoyment of it came from the fact that I - as a player - would gleefully join in when other characters slagged off her shit photography




Crying with laughter at the own goal the opposition just scored with 0 seconds left to level the match. I love this game.


A good 20 hours into PoE now, so I guess this is going to be a thing. There’s a lot to admire in it, particularly the stronghold side-game and the Endless Paths, which are both kind of genius concepts that do a lot to add breadth. I also enjoy the companion #banter whilst roaming around and in battle. The world and questing is terribly generic though, which sucks to say because it’s obvious a fuck-load of thought and craft went into the former. It’s so fucking yawnsome to be told you now need to enter the city’s stupidly spacious sewer in order to tackle an evil cult of robe-wearers. That kind of thing is emblematic of the whole game.


My other hot two-years-too-late observation is the game is incredibly dark. They take the concept of kids born without souls and carry it through mercilessly. Very uncertain about it. On the one hand that certainly does set it apart from most generic fantasy schlock, on the other it’s frankly upsetting.


So glad that after the wait, Persona 5 has lived up to the expectations. The first 15 hours have been fantastic. Only niggles are that it would be nice if they had changed the gameplay a little more and at times the translation quality dips a little. That and it maintains the series standards for having confused approaches to LGBT issues and it’s treatment of women. Always seems two steps forward one step back with that stuff. But even then, this is a hell of a game for the genre, and has some of the best production I’ve ever seen.


Bayonetta has been released on Steam for £14.99


how’s everyone’s steam back catalogue looking?

182 games, 39 installed, 12 completed, probably never even touched at least 100 of them.

Would like to whittle that down somehow.


85 games, 6 currently installed. A lot of them are things like FTL and Binding of Isaac for which the concept of completion is meaningless, but there’s about 15 I’ve not or barely touched.


Hefty - got stuff from bundles, like the BioShock and Portal games, that I’ve barely scratched. And Tales of Monkey Island, Grim Fandango and Day of the Tentacle on the go too!

But the sweet allure of Goldeneye: Source is overpowering.


I really want to buy binding of isaac for the switch but I really shouldn’t should I?


wait…goldeneye source??


I’ve got it on the 3DS, and it’s a great game/platform combo, just the thing for a quick go on the train etc.[quote=“Bamnan, post:1015, topic:10388, full:true”]
wait…goldeneye source??

Oh yes m8. It’s a Half-Life 2 mod, turning it into a remaster of N64. Goldeneye 007: excellent stuff (and free!).



well I actually already have it on vita but the switch is nicer plus new DLC…but £40?! Never seems to be on sale on steam either.

Oh that’s great, sadly I don’t have too much nostalgia for the game as I never had an N64 myself but fond memories of playing it multiplater at my friend’s house.

I’m waiting for the new version of brutal doom to drop so bad. Still the most fun FPS.


Brütal deluxe! Can’t beat a good mod for sheer, unadulterated fun


Fez is on sale for £3. Should I buy?

  • Y
  • N

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Couldn’t get into that at all. On the other hand, it’s only three quid.