A Gaming Thread For 2017



thing is i hate modern games and feel like it’s probably aimed directly at me. a lot of people said it’s nice but boring though which is off-putting.


fuck it, i bought it


I like the music.


I’m going to buy a new video game for my PS4 next week - any recommendations?

Quite like shooters, fighting games, RPGs and obviously, sports games.

Tend not to get on with open worlds and Arkham asylum button mashers.


You like shooters?



If this thread tells you anything, it’s not to listen to other people’s opinions.


Im playing Fez now, it’s lovely :heart_eyes:


You like rpgs but not open worlds…?



its more the sandbox type I’m not a fan of tbh. like, hated fallout 4 for that reason.


Well I really enjoyed horizon zero dawn so I’d go for that


right, im starting witcher now and im gonna stick to it!



I’m playing Blood and Wine at the moment and I really want to play from the start again…


About 20 hours into Persona 5 now and it really is fantastic. Almost certainly going to be my GOTY. The design is absolutely wonderful and it’s got enough new elements to keep it interesting while still staying true to the Persona formula. I was slightly wary about the dungeons being designed, rather than procedurally generated, as I liked the rogue like element of the previous games but I think it works really well.

As @OttoMaddox said upthread, my only real issue is with the treatment of some of the female and LGBT characters. It’s odd that Atlus feel the need to trot out the same old dated jokes in 2017. I find these moments quite jarring as generally the game’s attitude is pretty progressive.


started playing Rayman Legends again.

Fucking hell that game is gorgeous, fun and challenging all at the same time. Probably the best 2d platformer since super mario world.


Definitely the best looking.

Think I slightly preferred Super Guacamelee Turbo Edition though. Bloody loved that game…


I would argue that isn’t a platformer but a metroidvania


yeah, that’s a great game too but when you get to the best parts of rayman and you’re just bouncing off everything with perfect timing, picking up the little purple hovering dudes it feels amazing.

better yet those silly music stages, I just did the black betty one and had a stupid grin on my face the whole time.


When you beat em all you get 8 bit versions :smiley: (the music stages)


That’s a fair point. Good distinction.

Still have DK Tropical Freeze to play after I’m done with Zelda. Determined to beat it.