A Gaming Thread For 2017



I thought to myself that the weather’s supposed to be shite the next few days, I’m pretty much home alone, I’ll have a gander for a new game. Thought the digital download of Hitman might be cheap-ish on the PlayStation store, it’s been out a while and you’re only paying for the digital file and all that.

45 quid.

Cheeky get.

Throw recommendations at me, if you want. Ideally something not mega-long tbh




RPG that isn’t open world? I would suggest that whose name should not be uttered Dark Souls 3 or Bloodborne


Mass effect Andromeda has you complete sudoku puzzles to progress with the main story line. I swear I am not making this up.


I love Fez. Gomez is my dude for life. :heart_eyes: come back, phil. Make Fez 2 pls :sob:


These are the correct answers. I had politely refrained from posting them though.


Been trying to get into dishonoured 2 again but it is just a very unenjoyable game. Too fiddly.


Elaborate pls


You have to open up alien vaults with “encrypted” consoles. The encryption is space sudoku.

There is an item you can use to bypass them, but I have one in forty hours of gameplay.


Completed Hearts of Stone.

Going to go stare at a wall for a little while.


Yeah what ^ said


Started playing Undertale today.Surprised me within the first hour with how much it’s “working” on me – like in yer _Dishonoured_s, the option of non-violence makes me really consider stuff like combat in a really interesting way that only an interactive medium can (re: an early bit, I’m feeling moderate regret having discovered that it’s possible to spare Toriel bc I feel like a right prick).

Wasn’t sure how I’d find the humour, just because of the massive fan base and the fact that it all seemed a bit “Internetty”. There is a bit of that, but it has its own charm to it that reminds me a bit of Anodyne (incidentally, play Anodyne now, 'cause I feel like it’s floated under more radars than it should have) in that it has that feel of old Nintendo games but “warped” with all those weird, slightly surreal and eerie, aspects you’d find in those old childhood games amplified. I look forward to going further into it.


anyone here play online fps games with any regularity? Can anyone recommend me one for PC? I’ve been playing a bunch of CS:GO lately and it’s pretty fun but maybe a bit intense.


I absolutely love Battlefield 1. I play on PS4 however so I imagine playing PC version will be a little less casual and a little more difficult, as is usually the case. It’s hella fun though dude.


yeah it’s 50% off on Origin at the moment…tempting.


Played through the titanfall 2 campaign. Surprisingly very very enjoyable. Not too long and not too many cutscenes and bits where you’re doing bugger all but turning your head while the plot is explained. Meaty guns and some straightforward but fun puzzles. Recommended but only if you’re interested in the multiplayer too as the single player is short.


nerds pls help. got about 60% of the way through Fez (on steam) and it crashed, now it crashes on startup. have tried reinstalling and it still crashes. read a bunch of forum posts about threading instructions or somesuch but no idea what they’re going on about. help!!!


Nm started working again


will i like Braid?


I didn’t. So probably, yeah.