A Gaming Thread For 2017



i mean i’m literally in love with Fez, but the time reverse mechanic looks a bit annoying idk


Fez, Braid and Super Meat Boy are the big three indie platformers, but there are a few other nice ones: Stealth Bastard Deluxe (stealth platformer, reminds me of Rick Dangerous) and Thomas Was Alone (platform puzzler with nice narration) are top. Got them all from Humble Bundles :+1:




yeah guess i may as well complete the indie game movie trifecta. i just can’t play a game called Stealth Bastard though. Super Meat Boy was pushing it a bit for the gamerlad humour tbh.


Went back to my original DARK SOULS save and I have a lot of contempt for past me.

Basically, I left my NG+ character right at the bottom of Blighttown, at a time in the game before warping between bonfires is available. Trekked all the way up to the entrance to the Depths before I realised I didn’t really want to go that way as it’s the way I came down. When I tried to go back down to the swamp I was rushing and kept dying. Also, like a total casual, I built my first ever Souls character in a really inept way, with loads of DEX and INT and hardly any of the life-giving stats. No wonder I found it so difficult on my first playthrough.


when you guys say Blighttown, is that an actual place in the game or a euphemism? because…



It’s a place, it’s terrible and the frame rate becomes atrocious when you go there. Worst part of the game for me.


Ooh, not a platformer but timely atm - have you played Papers, Please? One of those ‘statement’ games that’s actually quite fun and interesting. You’re a border guard in a East Berlin-type situation, checking people’s IDs as they try and cross - bleak but fun!


I enjoyed the first few levels but it quickly got to a point where I couldn’t even figure out what I was supposed to do never mind actually do it.


I’ve been playing lots and lots of ESO this weekend. I’ve picked it up again, after playing Neverwinter, I’ve realised how much of a superior game it is.

I’ve also been playing quite a bit of Wildlands of late. Such a great game, but only if you turn the minimap off. It’s mad how something as small as that can make or break a game.


I hated braid, don’t get it, think it got a lot more praise because it came out on the 360 in a time where quirky indie games were thinner on the ground.


I picked up my dex character on my second run for a few hours this weekend. Dex is waaaaaay underpowered vs 2 and, particularly, 3 - also, my brain had Nioh controls hardwired in. Good fun once I readjusted though - took down Capra, Gaping Dragon, and Qualog - used the Valley of Drakes this time to go through the backdoor to BTown - much less awful.


[quote=“AphexTwinkletoes, post:1072, topic:10388, full:true”] used the Valley of Drakes this time to go through the backdoor to BTown - much less awful.
That’s the route I want to escape because the thought of going through the depths and the lower Undead Burg (or is it Parish, cba looking it up) is not appealing. Don’t think there’s another way?


Not as far as I’m aware.

I’m getting quite frustrated by the hitboxes for getting a critical after parrying being different with my scimitar to when I was using an axe with my strength character. You have to stand just off to the left. While the first is my fave DS installment, they ironed out a lot of kinks in 2 and 3…


Definitely, I didn’t manage to land a single backstab/riposte in an hour of play last night, and I died a couple of times by getting stuck on scenery/uneven ground. Frustrating.


1 - level design, NPCs, story
2 - the atmosphere and sense of a world decaying
3 - gameplay mechanics

Bloodborne - all of the above :wink:


Aye, although I would argue that 1 does atmosphere and sense of world decaying better than 2.


You’re probably right. Just wanted to say something nice about 2 really. I mean, it’s a 9/10 game so that shouldn’t be hard. Probably the best DLC of the DS games - let’s go with that.


Accidentally bought a secondhand copy of Doom at lunchtime after finally playing the demo last night.

Hurt me plenty!


PC version = snipers. Snipers everywhere.