A Gaming Thread For 2017



Anyone want a Gwent beta code? I’ve got three.


If you are an amazon prime member you can get Kentucky Route Zero for free at the moment via the twitch app - only until the 24th though. If you are not a member - maybe you can get a 30 day free trial?

I’ve not played it myself but I’ve only heard good things.


It’s fantastic, great story and awesome art direction



i :heart_eyes: overwatch


anyone else here play counterstrike?


It truely is one of the best multiplayer games ever


Fucking yes mate.


I really don’t understand this. I mean, it’s not bad, quite fun but I found it a small and MOBA-like.


The only thing MOBA like about is that you play heroes with specific abilities. It’s just incredibly well balanced, fun and paced in such a brilliant way that a round is over before it has the chance to get boring and a come back is always possible which means you rarely feel like you’re stuck in a game you’re destined to lose. Add in all the bright colourful feedback and audio queues it tickles the part of the brain that makes you :slight_smile: for doing good. It’s like a constant endorphin hit that, at least in my experience, very few games achieve.


I find Overwatch a weirdly cynical experience. Everything about it is calculated to an almost absurd degree to be The Team Based Shooter 2016-Forever, but for me it’s entirely lacking the heart that made TF2 such a great game. Also the skill ceiling is about knee height.

There’s no doubt that objectively it’s a very good game. Blizzard have basically looked at every popular multiplayer game going, cribbed the best elements from each and carefully constructed a AAA-backed gundam with it. But it leaves me very cold.


@Epimer fyi i couldn’t be arsed with braid in the slightest after playing the demo


Yeah is what I mean, those hero abilities and learning how to use them is what makes it MOBA like for me. I prefer something like Battlefield personally, it’s got a much slower more tactical pace. I found Overwatch too frantic.


I agree it’s a very masterfully put together game but yes I played the free weekend and I just didn’t care for it. It seemed shallow, even though I know it isn’t. I wanted to like it but I couldn’t get on board.

I think my favourite pvp multiplayer experiences are Battlefield and Guild Wars 2’s world vs world.


This sounds a bit like ‘I preferred the earlier games’ tbh. I think any accusations of calculated-ness are offset by the amount of care and attention that has gone into the game, especially regarding the backstory and exemplary character design. I don’t really understand your skill ceiling comment. It has a low floor but the ceiling, on some of the characters especially, feels high to me.

@Ichor it sounds like it’s just not to your tastes - fair dues!


so the NES classic has been discontinued then

wtf was the point of that


you can still pick them up for 5 grand on ebay


Last few hours of FFXV were shit


Platinum have put a bunch of clips of Bayonetta saying her most iconic catchphrases three times on their YouTube page.



Saw this mentioned elsewhere but unfortunately it looks like those clips are from an article to help Japanese players understand and use Bayonetta’s phrases in English conversation.


was off work sick for a couple of days

i’m now 60 hrs into Persona 5

fuckin’ ell

got 2 palaces left

love it