A Gaming Thread For 2017



Can’t wait for Dishonoured 2 to (presumably) allow for even more systems-based fun


Partly posting this here so I remember to read it later and cause other diapers will be down for reading it

The above typo is an autocorrect i thought was too funny to get rid of


Ya buncha diapers


Nice one! Just made a cup of tea, will read this now.


Hopefully I have the time to stick an album on and read it this evening. That sounds wicked relaxing.


Absolutely loved Jazzpunk, was right up my street. Octodad looked fairly similar but haven’t got round to giving it a go yet.


Octodad is great save the final ‘boss’ which is an excercise in frustration, it’s a lot more a ‘game’ than Juzzpunk but the stupid mechanics work and the story is really charming and fun.


I’m at work and all I can think about is pushing the payload :grimacing:


i’ll be on later. add me and let’s try this again.


Advice I wish I’d received

Hey AT, don’t kill the firekeeper before you’ve fought Dark Gwyndolin. You’ll have to traverse beams while people throw knives at you, then make that spiral staircase go up and back down every time you run to the boss



Which boss is that? So long since I’ve played DS.


Ooh is that FINALLY out?

Might get myself a new game for the new year. Had my head in the sand for ages.


Bloodborne redux…

What sort of level were you guys when you finished everything? With the caveat that I know people can do the whole game without levelling or using my weapons, I’m currently at level 98 and banging my head a bit on the second last chalice boss (Bloodletting Beast.) I know it’s just impatience really: keep getting him down to the very last phase then my gung-ho attitude leads to me running out of steam and getting stomped when I can’t see anything.

Bought Last Guardian, Phantom Pain and the Metal Slug Anthology in the PSN sale last night. I’m still only a third of the way through Witcher 3.


Still steadily working my back through the Witcher 3 feat. all the DLC and on hard(er) mode. So many good characters and moments that get completely lost in the vastness of it. Fucking love Keira and Djikstra.


No Bloodborne chat! I think I was 98 when I finished the DLC. Maybe slightly underlevelled in hindsight.

Did some bosses with my mate last night - Amygdala and The One Reborn. Both weak against arcane so I had a lovely time blasting them to hell with A Call Beyond.


I was about 90 when I finished the DLC, which seemed tough but about right.


The one after you darken anor londo, shoots magic at you and keeps teleporting away, the shit


adding Overwatch to my ‘games of 2016’ list, lads. at no. 4 right now (after Dishonored 2, DOOM, Titanfall 2 campaign)


Still wading through Dishonoured 2- got as far as The Grand Palace on hard without killing anyone or being seen. Feels like I must be close to the end. Wanted to play through again as Corvo (playing Emily) and kill everything that moves, but suspect I won’t be arsed. Got Rise of the Tomb Raider and Dark Souls 3 to start still from the sales. And battlefield. so shit at battlefield.


Completely forgot about that one! Don’t know why, it’s a really cool boss.