A Gaming Thread For 2017



Anyone else playing Rime? It’s lovely but the frame rate is awful on Xbox. Hope they patch it. Seems to judder along at less than 20fps. Similar reports on Ps4 and Pc too :confused:


I’d forgotten how badly the late game in Civ can drag on.


finally played some GTA5 online and think it might be a bit shit? I’m sure it’s fun on your own (aside from the hackers who keep blowing up everyone on the server) but trying to do any missions with mates, except heists, seems impossible. ANY TIPS?


Finished Nier Automata. 10/10


I’ve been playing some Heroes of the Storm after bouncing off it a few times before. I’m not sure what’s different this time but I’m enjoying it. The 2.0 relaunch thing meant I got 20 heroes for free, so I’ve got some options for stuff to play now.

It’s no DOTA, but then I’ve sunk 120 hours into that and am still utter toilet at it, and I don’t want to put the time in.


i’m always tempted to give HOTS a go but am hampered by shite internet connection. gonna try it anyway and see if it will work though…


Started playing Edith Finch last night. Reminds me of reading a collection of short stories (something I know crops up in reviews and all that); there are aspects of it that kind of take me out of the immersive environment… “oh my ancestor liked to build secret passages, definitely he was just into them,
not because it progresses the linear narrative or anything honest”

but otherwise I’m very much into the atmosphere: I was intrigued when I read they were inspired by people like Kobo Abe. Kind of hoping the weather stays shit so it can sync up with the atmos of the game.


Been tucking into the Nioh DLC. First boss feels egregiously hard. Moves fast, hits like a truck (most single hits are taking 75% of my health), and several nasty combos. Gonna grind for a bit as I think I need to employ magic to slow him down and I’ve completely ignored that path so far.
Having fun replaying the early levels on ‘hard mode’.


Been playing Dark Souls 2 as I never finished it first time round. Taken a while to readjust to the pace after Bloodborne. Enjoying listening along to Bonfireside Chat to keep up with the lore I’d inevitably miss.

Also, need to get on with finishing Persona 5. Think I have 2 palaces left.


Do people here hate Watch Dogs?


Watch Dogs 1 is a functional dreary game which isn’t worth your time really but isn’t the worst thing in the world. It’s just pretty boring across the board. Watch Dogs 2 takes the same functional gameplay but puts it in a much more vibrant and enjoyable setting. If you’re going to play either then deffo go with Watch Dogs 2 as their are a lot of incredibly fun moments and the characters are pretty well written and incredibly likable (despite at first glance appearing to be a stereotypical hipster nightmare)


Oh no ive got Watch Dogs 1 and tbh i really enjoy it. No idea whats happening in the story but its great fun i think. Bought Mafia 3 on same day and thats shit


Didn’t know those other people in journey were actually real people


Liked 1 absolutely loved 2


Last episode of walking dead new frontier launched day early. Just finished it. Was good, but not sure I’m up for another season.


I have now completed Persona 5, took 102 hours and was worth every single one of them, so so so good. right now I’d rank it over 4, which would put it in my rough top 3 games ever (other two probably being Final Fantasy VIII and Metal Gear Solid), so yeah, I liked it.

can’t wait for Persona 5 Arena/Ultimax/Q/Dancing All Night and then Persona 6 sometime around 2025…


I’m sure I’ll get lampooned for this because it’s

a) Proper console fodder and
b) Really quite old

but I finally played through a load of Uncharted 3 yesterday and had a blast. Looking forward to playing through some more tonight. Sometimes, all you want is a good old run around a pretty world, jump around some puzzles, discover some shit, great stuff. Part of the joy was that I haven’t played a game for months, so it was nice to switch off again.


I maintain that that series is in the upper echelons of games for pure fun and spectacle.


I think the Uncharted games are well liked round here. I love them, great Saturday matinee Indiana Jones style fun.


Uncharted 3 is brilliant fun. Some of the set pieces are as good as that style of video-gaming gets.

4 never really clicked for me - combat drove me insane (button-mashing melee and bizarrely janky shooting). Shame, as the world is gorgeous.