A Gaming Thread For 2017



I should have jumped on the Overwatch bandwagon ages ago. Been having great fun with it the past few evenings - there a few great characters that I can merrily sink into the sofa and play using a pad without being at a disadvantage. I’m happy to play healer/tank/turret monkey all night.

Now my PC lives again I’m gonna get a new graphics card and pick up Nier:Automata. And continue to ignore the 20-30 games I really ought to be playing.


Can’t remember who it was on here who mentioned it, but changing the combat options in accessibility to ‘hold triangle’ rather than ‘rapid press til your hand aches’ was quite literally, a game changer


I complained about it - someone else suggested that solution. Now if they could just fix it so I don’t have to shoot anyone…


Played about 9 hours of Overwatch over the bank holiday. My problem is that I flit between characters and never really become an expert at any of them. Currently back on the Winston bandwagon, he’s the shit.


I’ve been doing the same myself - whenever I do well I feel I’ve just found the right tool for the right job. So I spend most games fumbling around for the right tool. Have mostly been having success with Lucio, Roadhog, that turret making dwarf fella and Pharah. I’d like to get decent with Winston as having a mental ape leaping through everyone and slapping around their backline seems pretty handy but I die too fast with him to be any use.


anyone played stephen’s sausage roll? I was lying awake last night for around an hour with images of a puzzle I’d already solved floating through my head. it’s a waking nightmare. I highly recommend it.


As someone called Stephen, lying awake in bed playing Stephen’s Sausage Roll isn’t a good way to make friends.


There are certain characters that he just can’t deal with (Reaper, Mei, any tank) but if you can time it right and get in the face of an unguarded support/sniper before leaping away, he’s the absolute best. I’d go as far to say that fucking up Widow/Hanzo with Winston is my favourite thing about the game.


I can imagine - getting close enough to get Roadhog’s hook on a Hanzo and following it up with a shotgun blast to the chin is deeply satisfying. Nailing him with a surprise flying monkey attack must be even better.

I think I’m going to lose an obscene amount of time to this game.


Anyone been following the mass tantrum of grown adult men over the villains of FarCry 5 being white?

Still only about 70% sure it’s not a joke. But 200+ signatures already.
Particular highlights;

  • mention of ‘continued rejection of romantic partners’ within 2 paragraphs

  • trying to make his stupid point look smart by quoting Voltaire, but spelling it ‘Boltair’


‘We Americans have so few games to call our own’

OMG this is comedy gold


Wow, they’re such an awful bunch.

Weren’t the bad guys of the last two far cry games non-white anyway so it’s not like they can say it’s always white bad guys.


I’m reading through it now and each line makes me cringe more.


All of the guys I had to beat up in the pub at the beginning of Uncharted 3 looked like me.


christ alive…

As if the last two haven’t been the laziest white-man-saves-tribal-folk (and blags ‘exotic’ lady of colour while he’s at it) stories…


yup- 3 has the amazing “woman of colour as reward” trope mixed with “woman of colour as succubus-style demon who tries to make you kill your white girlfriend” trope, which is about as offensive as its possible to get (unless you’re a super-fragile white boy, apparently)


Retro 3DS mania: just picked up Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers (yes). It’s a port of a 1997 Sega Saturn (!) game, and it’s incredibly retro in that way that old sci-fi is. Cyberpunk af, with new virtual ‘online spaces’, wires and CRTs everywhere, people using their hacker ‘handles’ as names, hackers bringing down the system, the lot. I would have found this unbelievably cool as a teenager, and tbh I still sort of do.

And fucking demons everywhere! Love this SMT malarkey, might get Persona Q after this (and Devil Survivor 2 when it’s in a sale). :+1:


Guys, I feel like I need a new ‘proper game’ to play alongside sinking time into Nioh and Rocket League. Kinda tempted by Mass Effect Andromeda in spite of most of what I’ve heard. Eps has said some good things about it - anyone else? Also, would I enjoy Persona 5 having never played Persona games before? (Note: I don’t know what it’s about, nor have I even gone to the effort of googling it). Or maybe I’ll just play Bloodborne again once I get my big new TV later this week.


I don’t think you need to have played previous Persona games to enjoy Persona 5. It’s a completely new story, so apart from having to pick up the mechanics from scratch you won’t be missing out.

Whether you’ll enjoy it probably depends on whether you like turn based jrpgs. There’s loads more to the game like maintaining social links & stats, but the heart of the combat is pretty traditional turn based battles albeit done really well and with some interesting mechanics.

The whole thing is superstylish and has great music. I would definately recommend if you like jrpgs.


Almost certainly going to be my GOTY.