A Gaming Thread For 2017



I was a persona newcomer and I enjoyed it, would give it a good 8 on 10. it joins the elite band of rpgs that I’ve started & actually bothered seeing all the way through


I’m about forty hours into ME:A. It’s…okay. My first reaction was massive disappointment, but it has gradually grown on me. I could go on and on about the negatives like the bad dialogue, unengaging characters, lack of imagination in the new aliens and settings, far too many pointless fetch sidequests, etc etc, but the single biggest problem is that it just doesn’t feel finished. There’s a whole level of polish missing from everything from to the UI to the scripting, and it really shows, especially seeing as I came to it direct from Horizon: Zero Dawn, which was just sumptuous in every respect (if you have a PS4 and you haven’t played H:ZD, make that your next proper game, it’s amazing).

All that said, somehow I want to plow through and see what happens. It might just be residual goodwill from the original trilogy, but it’s Mass Effect-y enough to keep me playing.


Still playing MGSV in my breaks from Overwatch. I fundamentally love this game but it keeps finding new ways to irk me. The new missions that are just old missions but harder… why.

On the plus side I’ve finally researched clothes for Quiet so I can play with the blinds up and not make the neighbours think I’m a massive perv.


needed some missions to pad it out a bit i guess. wonder what it would have been like if they actually finished the game :frowning:


Pad it out? I’m 40+ hours in and I’ve only got to 42% completion!


Finished as in endings A-E? It is an utterly fantastic game, my highlight this year for sure.


If anyone is in the market for a mysterious Mertoidvania, with Souls-like elements, Hollow Knight is utterly perfect. I’m about 15 hours in and just loving it.
Loads of backtracking and head scratching as is standard in the genre, but I’m loving it nonetheless.


Yeah. 3 playthroughs. Endings A-E. And a lot of time spent reading Nier lore. The director is a lunatic in dire need of an editor, but it’s all fascinating.


I’m a serious MGS obsessive, but MGSV is the biggest videogame disappointment I’ve ever experienced. It’s unfinished.


I can certainly agree over the need for an editor, even more so when you take in the scope of the previous games (which I haven;t played, but read up on).
I also think the soundtrack was wonderful, all those 8 bit versions for the hacking game!


The mechanics are so good though! It’s what keeps me going back.


still the 2nd best game released in the last 5 years


The soundtrack is stunning. I can’t stop thinking about the game. I think the story in Automata only got more confusing when I started reading and watching summaries about the Gestalt stuff. A lot of questions/plot holes I want answering etc.

Might get Nier for PS3, but I’ve heard the game itself is pretty naff.


If we’re talking soundtracks, how about in theDark Souls 3 DLC for the Sister Friede boss fight? Hot DAMN


Bound the Automata soundtrack >323<333


Sony just sent me discount code for 25% off the digital version of Persona 5. I’m not going to use it, brings the price to about 41 quid I think. Yours if you want it, expires 6th of June.


Thanks for the offer. Think I need to stick to physical games right now as I’m low on storage :confused:


Started playing TLOU remaster on my brand new mega HD TV. Holy moly it’s gorgeous! PS3 version is one of my top 10 games of all time so hoping it has the same impact a few years on.


Also, my new favourite thing on rocket league: celebrating a goal by blowing up one of the opposition.


Lent my Nier Automata to a colleague but I’m getting a massive hankering to play it again. I think it might be my favourite game of the generation so far after Witcher 3, Yakuza 0 and Forza Horizon 3.