A Gaming Thread For 2017



But I haven’t played the first etc something something


y’all play it


you all have very childish gaming tastes.

we need more FIFA, shooters etc.


No worries. I upgraded to a 2tb a while back and now have quite a few digital games (meaning large sized ones like horizon, not indies). The simple pleasure of switching games without having to get off my arse and swap discs has been a revelation.

If anyone else wants the code just say the word.


Hopeful the gaming threads now have their very own equivalent to Theo commenting on the football.



Ah yeah shooters. Notoriously played by the grown up community


How have you found the DS3 DLC? I’ve been put off by the reviews, plus my only character is midway through NG+ and my brain is utterly hard-wired to the Nioh controls as I found out when I tried speedrunning Bloodborne.


it was a troll.

a summer troll.


bought tekken 7 today, looking forward to playing later


Watched the first episode of an IGN mini-series about some randomer training to play at the Tekken world champs or some such event. Was far more entertaning than I was expecting.
Tekken 2 would probably sit comfortably in my top 20 games of all time but not played much of later installments.


very vivid memories of getting pissed off with devil kazuya on that one. Tekken 3 was where it was at for me, that volleyball mode was ace.

Still have a huge softspot for the tekken cast so I don’t mind if the singleplayer is a bit lacklustre I’m happy to just revist and see if I can remember Paul’s super charge punch


With the eye laser!!! We temporarily banned that in our house until we became adept enough to get behind the opponent for a cheeky grapple (heh).


it was all about armour king /p-jack


let me know how it is - think I might get it on pay day!



my faves were Bryan Fury, Yoshimitsu and Heihachi.

AND Lei Wulong and Marshall Law.


yeah, almost everyone in tekken is a fucking badass (except eddie)


I’ve got it on PC so can’t speak to the framerate etc but apparently runs well on console


Spent most of today fretting about whether to declare war on the six eyed bears that have set themselves up on the doorstep of my glorious avian communist utopia. Look at these pricks (I’m blue, they’re light green):

On the one talon: They’re religious extremists. They will genocide us if they think they can possibly get away with it. Planting an ursinery next door to my fledgling outpost is an act of naked aggression, and frankly suicidal given the relative size and position of our empires. I could probably crush them right now.

On the other: My populations are mostly hippy doves who deplore war, even against Wombat ISIS. Popularity is a major factor in Stellaris and I’ve so far been playing a ginger balancing act with it. I’m not really in any dire straits, and can probably continue to outgrow them. It’s possible/probable they’ll get involved in a destructive war with one of the other races vying for space here and exhaust themselves.

Difficult, when all you want to do is erect vast concrete nests on alien worlds.


Football Manager 2017 has gotten a bit esoteric.