A Gaming Thread For 2017



There’s some intense stuff in that there Edith Finch


You enjoying it? Tempted to pick it up.


TLOU is brilliant again. Quite cool playing through knowing the vague story but not remembering the details. Adds emotional resonance to certain interactions when you know where it’s ultimately leading.


I liked it. It’s very short (I finished it in a weekend, after a couple of hours or so). It’s a bit like a much-more linear Gone Home in one way, but composed of these short vignettes that are really formally inventive.


what game is this? Civ BE?



I think you’d like it, because it has STELLA in the name.


Still a bit obsessed with overwatch and trying now to give each hero a decent bash.

Still infuriating how fucked you are when a player leaves during a ranked match. It’s bad enough when you’re losing but when you’re in with a good chance of winning… Makes me want to kill.


Alright Reaper.




He is quite the eloquent raconteur is Mr. reaper.


Do you play on PS4 or PC? I got the itch back today and intend to get back in balls deep.




now then @Antpocalypsenow, I’m considering purchasing FM 2017 for the mobile. Be completely honest, do you think I’ll enjoy it? Most enjoyable experience I’ve had on FM was probably with 08, so I’d like a similar amount of detail as that. Also, how big are the mobile player databases?


Mobile is way, way more stripped back than the full game. It uses the same db and everything but the gameplay experience is way more streamlined and the match engine experience is very different.

It’s good for commutes etc, would probably be frustrating if you’re looking for an experience similar to the full game though. If you’ve got an iPad capable of playing FM Touch that will be a lot more akin to what you’re after IMO.


hmm, I don’t. thanks though! Might give it a whirl anyway next time I’ve got a long journey.


I popped in the disc for the ps4 version then remembered why I stopped playing my ps 4 :frowning:
Controller is bust


I’ve had two controllers die already. £50 a pop and Sony do not give a shit no matter how much you legitimately complain. Usually die just as the warranty expires.


The triggers are an absolute shambles, I’ve gone through 2 controllers. Updating the pc version as we speak


Had one trigger go and one stick go wonky. Clearly a flawed design but Sony will never admit that.


It’s been a while since I’ve fallen for a game quite so much as I have with Overwatch. I think that, Rocket League and the odd single player experience will do me for some time. And maybe Elite for relaxing podcast listening gamery.

I’ve been playing a lot of mystery heroes to get used to some more characters I hadn’t considered but I keep coming back to Lucio/Roadhog/Junkrat/Reindhart. I can always make a nuisance of myself with thise guys even when I’m playing badly.