A Gaming Thread For 2017



Its so good isn’t it! Think pound for pound my fav game this generation. Been playing on PC for like 5hours today!


Ha. Similar story for me, although Tekken Tag remains our gold standard. Got one mate in particular who has dedicated his life to finding the spammiest move possible in every fighting game. Blanka’s electricity? Check. Yoshimitsu’s spinning punch? Check. Laser eyes? Check.

Spent about half an hour longer than my gf was happy with playing Tekken 7 in the arcades last week. Hard to get a handle on how much is different but I really enjoyed playing it as nature intended and can’t wait to get a copy at home.


Was round a mate’s last night playing ‘Boom Blox’, still a brilliant but very odd party game. Feels half-baked and some of the decisions particularly the inability to properly set up mini tournaments and a playlist of levels is just lazy and stupid. They should definitely remake it but it does rely on motion controls, so I’m not sure how they could. Actually it would work great as a vr game aside from the fact everyone having a headset would be impractically expensive and I think would ruin the social aspect.

Oh well.


Still pumping hours into Horizon Zero Dawn atm. My god, what a beautiful game!


Think I’m pretty much at endgame in Dark Souls 2, so going to start tackling the DLC.


DLC is sooooo good. Enjoy!


Looking forward to it, the quality of From’s DLC is incredible.


Just got past the 60 hour mark in Persona 5. Feel like I’m about two thirds of the way through, and there’s still a long way to go. About to get the last social link up and running. I’m now at the point where I’m ditching the links I’m not interested in and focusing on a core handful.

Also my main character (Hank Lasagne) has finally gotten… err… intimate with someone. Some of the romance options in this are fucking nuts - and also count as statutory rape. Weird.


Japanese game in really not ok sex stuff shocker.


big fan of Hank Lasagne


TLOU did stealth really well, huh? There’s something about the random-walk movement of the zombies which is so much more tense and satisfying to deal with than the standard learning-conveniently-coordinated-movement-patterns approach.


I had a busy weekend and managed to squeeze a good 4/5 hours in myself. Just can’t get enough of it. Managed to end on a last second escort defence victory after causing utter chaos with Junkrat, which is about as excited and relieved I’ve been on a videogame in a loooong time.


Happened to me in one of my placement matches and I blame that for placing low silver. Definitely not due to my incompetence, no way.


Do I have you on PSN? If not, I’m Broseph46, please add!


This is one of my favourite things. It’s joke gone wrong, right?

I love how the Christians are up in arms about this (lulz), if it was Muslims they’d be cool with it.


Pretty hyped for the Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind DLC, looks very fun!


Crowviet Union update:

Chairwoman Sparrao has adopted a passive-aggressive “we’ll outgrow the fuck out of you” policy against the fanatical wombats. In turn they’ve thrown up cities on the space hill every which way they can, looking like mould growing over the map. We’ll see how things develop.

A bit of exploring has revealed that the AI has gifted itself distinctly less Balkanized realms in the rest of the galaxy than mine. To the north west is an ancient fallen empire, who have made their power level and feelings about me clear by teleporting a science ship which went to tentatively explore their territory straight back to my home system. We’ll leave them alone. War is raging in the east but it’s unclear at this point who might be prospective allies and/or completely crushed before we have any bearing on matters.

In the meantime we uplifted a race of mollusc cthulhoids (the hole in the middle of my territory) who were heartwarmingly, cilia-wavingly grateful, and uploaded a conscience database of extinct aliens into androids, gifting us with allies who can live pretty much anywhere, even in - ugh! - temperate climates. The breast of the red robin army is swelling.


bought Battlefield 1 on a complete whim yesterday, haven’t bought a game in ages. played the whole tank mission and some of the plane missions. the plane was really fucking hard to control to begin with if i’m honest, but on the whole i’m enjoying it a lot. can’t wait to get cracking on some online play.


Tekken 7 seems great so far:

silly cut scenes and overblown story mode CHECK
tonnes of fighters CHECK
tonnes of nostalgia stuff to unlock - EVERY ENDING IN TEKKEN EVER! CHECK

Only downside seems to be the arcade mode is a bit short at 5 rounds and doesn’t have actual character endings - that’s quite a bummer but I’m just going to complete it with each character and then watch all their old endings one by one. I’m a weirdo who likes single player in fighting games.

I’m not great but it still feels like tekken except kinda more visceral and responsive. Great nostalgia blast for someone who hasn’t really played one since tekken 5.


Hope you like being shot in the head from vast distances.