A Gaming Thread For 2017



FAO those erroneously chatting about NMS in the old thread: I heartily recommend Subnautica, which does a lot of things NMS did/promised to do but hangs together a hell of a lot better. Benefitted a great deal from largely flying under the radar, so to speak.


Been a while since I fought Gywndolin but isn't there a bonfire literally right outside the boss door you can rest at?


Cheers love, the calvarys ere!


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Yes, but you respawn back at the start if you did the naughty thing i did :frowning:


Oh. You killed the fire keeper? You monster. In that case it might be easier running to the first dukes archives bonfire and warping to the darkmoon tomb from there.


:open_mouth: interesting idea, this.


it's not massively quicker, but it requires no concentration unlike going via the rafters.


watching the wife playing XV. or rather, she's watching the bros in the car drive themselves around, and as its been ten minutes she's put the controller down and gone off to do some tidying instead. looks like a great game.


PC Masterrace

Doom is currently £13 on humble store and the rather fantastic Dirt Showdown is free.


This is the thing that puts me off about it. Don't get why you'd focus a game around a road trip and then have the car be automatically controlled. Which is annoying because it's such a tiny but fundamental element to mess up on.


Is anyone on here, like me, into slightly Grognard-y war games? I know they can be a bit of a niche, but there are some games which help bridge the gap between the mainstream and the, er, non-mainstream (the Hearts of Iron series or Total War) which have raised their popularity in recent years. (Another side issue is that lots of these types of games are made by small teams/studios which then have to charge quite a lot for the games so they can make enough cash to work on the next one. Games costing £50+ with graphics that look like they were made in 2005 aren't that unusual).

Anyway, I've particularly enjoyed one or two of the AGEOD games in the last year or so - Civil War II and Espana 1936 (I'm a bit of an American Civil War and Spanish Civil War nerd). Hearts of Iron IV, with the right mods, has taken up loads of my time, and I've currently got my eye on The Seven Years War (http://store.steampowered.com/app/400470) for a pay day treat. I've never dipped into the monolithic Gary Grigsby WWII games because they look like a step above what I'd have time for.

tl;dr I'm probably on the wrong forum. Should just stay in my basement.


Finished The Last Guardian. Fantastic stuff, really liked the story and its execution. Not as melancholic as Ico or Shadow of The Colossus which dissapointed me at first, but by the end I was well on board. Shame that the controls are a bit clunky and the framerate can go all over the place. If they release it again in a few years time with better performance, like they did the previous games, I would be well up for that. It's certainly going to have a strong cult following.

Will likely play it again before the end of the year. Now that I know the way the puzzles are and ways Trico act, I can see it being a lot smoother to play.


Finished inside

Didn't care much for the first half but it really picks up around the sub woofer of doom and when it enters the final stretch it's fantastic.


Bought it, got to play it for an hour earlier


Played and finished the demo, Gonna wait til it's on sale to buy it. Might just get FFXV though


Jensen is looking to put his flat on the market. He's lived there for a long time but thinks it is time for him to maybe move to a different city. Prague, you see, is becoming more and more opposed to augmented people by the day and somehow Jensen's efforts have not eased the tension. He wonders why this is... when that fateful day will come that he needs not throw another printer ever again.

So I've lent him my DiS account to see if any of you are interested...

Hey hey heeeeey! Adam Jensen here! Anyone who's anyone in Prague will know me as the foremost authority on peacefully campaigning for the rights of augmented people; and, if you're lucky, you may have seen me hurling wheelie bins at your car from any one of the city's many roofs.
And while I'm on the subject of roofs I have one to offer you! For over your head! No, I don't mean I'm going to break a roof over your head! This roof is maintained by insulated walls and lode bearing beams and such!!! I.e. I'm selling my flat! As I'm climbing up the property ladder (my augmented jumping power won't help me with this ladder, as it is a metaphorical ladder and not a real ladder... ROFL :wink:)

Anyway! I know I've got the social enhancer aug so I know when I'm being a chatterbox!!!!!!!!!

It's got beautiful views... and check out the video I made showcasing my latest in indestructible home furnishings (and very chic they are too)


I know what you're thinking: the perfect home to raise my kids in! And you can utilise as many volatile explosives from the comfort of your own home as you want, without 'er indoors giving you an earful about mucking up her scatter cushions (can't live with em can't live without em, eh lads (nah it's just banter))... but then, eh! what's this? oh here's a catch, you're thinking:

no bloody fridge! How will I store my perishables Jensen? MY MILK WILL SPOIL!!?

oh think again!

Jensen got it covered :wink:

also why not get acquainted with your new roommate?

some people think he's a bit cold, but that's probably bc he's dead ROFL (i meant cold as literally cold and not figuratively cold!)

anyway interested parties hit us up


Hahahaha! Fuck's sake m-b!


I still haven't downloaded the second DLC. Would love to do another playthrough but I don't know if I have enough time left in my life.


I'm in love with this post.