A Gaming Thread For 2017



The more I read these updates, the more I want in.


Used to love Tekken. Online spoilt it for me for this one reason:

I used to love going through unlocking all the bonus characters. Now they’re all open from the beginning to facilitate online play. Boring. I want to complete it with Yoshimitsu to get Kunimitsu, and Panda to get Bear, etc. All the way up to getting Gon and Dr. Boskonovic. Miss those heady days…


yeah that was the best but that’s just not how games are made anymore, for better or worse


Completely hit a wall with Elana, she just keeps spamming the Velstadt summon. I’ve breezed through the rest of the game, so it’s a bit frustrating to be stuck! Think I’m going to have to go and do something else for a while.


That boss is the absolute worst. I fought it countless times and only beat it when it inexplicably sunmoned a bunch of those skinless hamster things instead of the skeletons/Velstadt. I’m still bitter.


While I will sing the praises of that game’s DLC all day long, there are 4 major missteps. Three are egregiously difficult boss runs to (fortunately) optional bosses. The fourth is the boss you’re on. Summon if you can…


Fuck the Fume Knight!


Yeah, loving the DLC so far. Think the servers are pretty dead for summons unfortunately. Tried the NPC summon…she’d be useful if she fought/distracted Velstadt but she kept going for the boss & doing pitiful damage. Might give it one more go with her tonight.


Thought FK was one of the better implementations of a ‘hard’ boss fight. One of those where by the time you win you’re basically not taking any damage and it’s a beautiful macabre dance. Contrast with, say, the last phase of OoK in BB where the first part is perfectly balanced but the finale is just a bit too frantic with frequent breaks in camera lock.


I used her to win. Took a LOT of goes though.


You’re probably right, but I can only ever think of the hours of pain it took me to get to that point of perfection.


That might be the hardest boss in the series. I never beat her without summoning help.


I love this expansion pack.


fallen down the competitive Overwatch rabbit hole :frowning:
it’s fun when you win. SHOW ME THE MONEY (SR)


Ancient Dragon, surely…


Getting a new TV has totally thrown my rocket league abilities. Judging everything just a little bit wrong :confused:


Can’t really remember that one. Probably amnesia due to the trauma.


Potentially got a group of 4 going for competitive Overwatch in the silver/gold range. Room for two more… (PS4)


pcmasterrace etc