A Gaming Thread For 2017



I’m nearly level 25 now so I’ll be dipping my toes into this soon. A little afraid tbh.


I think I remember reading that the DLC for DS2 was set up to deliver a tough challenge for people playing co-op. Which was nice at launch but now everyone’s done playing it and there’s nobody to summon it’s ridiculously difficult to do solo.


did my placement matches with @Yesiamaduck this season and we lost every one. blame him for drinking beer. i’m sure i was excellent (bronze shame)


this was fun too. BOING. you can see me thinking twice about teabagging him though cos that’s just UNCOUTH.



Ha! Well I intend to do mine over a few cans of cider as well so I’ll at least have an excuse ready. Just need to remember to stick to the heroes I’m decent with and not try and get all experimental. I always think that’s a good idea and it never works.


Read this week that yet another high profile talent has left Valve. So odd. Are they still making games?


Overwatch still super fun indeed. Still think Tracer is the most satisfying character to play if you have a good game.



Is it too late to get into Overwatch? Quite fancy something new to play, but a bit worried I’ll be too far behind the curve.


Fuck it, just ordered it. Looking forward to diving in!


Join us join us


I picked it up last week and I’m in love. They’re clearly planning on keeping it around for a long time to come so it’s always a good time to jump in. Though it was half price last week…


Ah, it was pretty cheap on Amazon.

Any tips for a starting character?


It’s best to get a few under your belt quickly so you can switch depending on what your team needs.

Healer: Lucio is ace - easy to figure out and your main job is to follow your team around/give them speed boosts so it’s a good way to watch how the characters work and get to know the maps. He’s best to make yourself useful with early on - and I’m still using him most now. Played well he’s a huge asset to any team.

Attack: Soldier 76 is just a run and gun type and is the easiest to get your head around. He’s quick and can heal himself though so he’s really useful.

Defence: Torjborn is handy because no one likes turrets. But unless you get decent with him it hanging around repairing them and putting them up can be a boring way to play. Junkrat is more fun: playing him well basically boils down to spamming grenades to wherever you think the enemy is or is likely to want to go. You can do amazing damage, rack up kills and be an absolute pain in your enemy’s arse with minimal effort.

Tank: Reinhardt is easy to get to grips with. It’s hard to get kills with him and make the most of his abilities but being a massive walking shield is useful for any team. Sometimes getting him into the capture point/by the payload and putting your shield up is enough to win the day as he can take a lot of shit before he goes down. Alternatively Bastion in turret mode can be utterly devastating. Wandering around trying to find a good spot to fire from is a good way to get to know the ways in and out of the capture points too.


Dd you have it on PC? Me and @cowtipping play it together often with a couple of others if you want to join for some games at some point. The game is good solo but with premade teams it’s a whole other level of dumb fun :smiley: (we dont take it seriously btw if you’re worried)


i need double XP weekend to END so I can Zelda again. stupid Blizz. :expressionless:


Yeah, I’d be up for that - though the way my placement games are going I’m not sure if I’d be much use. Getting the moverloving shit kicked out of me.

I seem to be finding teams entirely made up of supports though. Offence is not my strong point but when we’ve already got 3 fucking tanks it seems overkill to pick another one.


we do quickplay too


We mostly play quickplay sir.

Add me Yesiamaduck#2976


Watch out tho, @Yesiamaduck mostly chases Mercys around going “I’M YOUR HUCKLEBERRY”. it is a good Video Game.