A Gaming Thread For 2017



I doubt they’ll speed up progression, it’s a F2P isn’t it? You have to pay for speed most of the time with these things. Also, as a F2P they want to keep you playing so you spend money.


With the caveat that it’s been actual years since I played it, the F2P model was purely for cosmetic items and more inventory space. There was absolutely nothing to do with progression tied to it.

The reasoning for the ridiculous grind was that they wanted the game to feel more like Diablo 2 than Diablo 3 did, essentially. But it was ludicrous. It was possible to make your character essentially non-functioning by picking certain weird talents/abilities, but with no simple way to revert it. There’s this huge skill tree, but no way to do a mass reset, so you only see a very small part of it unless you go full poopsock.

I’d like to play more of it, but I don’t want to commit the time.


And I say this as a sad bastard who’s got one of each class in Diablo 3 at the level cap, two of whom are geared for proper end game Rift stuff. But PoE was too much for me.




Looks lush


Potentially open world.



I hope so


got all the Overwatch anniversary dances. come have a dance party.


Had a really bad time competitive solo queuing on Overwatch last night. I kept feeling like I had to be Mercy because no one else would. Problem: I’m not very good as Mercy.

I only dropped about 50 SR from a 1-4 session so I don’t think I was playing too badly. Silver is just the pits. I will never escape!


I hate my PC. How did that last ditch payload defence work out?


looooooooool welcome to bronze.


You can’t be demoted, joke’s on you!!!


My new housemate is trying to convince me to get overwatch. HMMMM


If we get any more we’re gonna need a separate thread.


I have temporarily got good internet I can play overwatch tonight! (on pc)


ooh i might play wow though :confused:


Agreed. Bloodborne all over again.

Talking of Sony, how disappointing was their conf last night? BORING.


Crowviet Union Update #3:

A bunch of blue monkeys I made a defensive pact cracked open an ancient tomb on their side of the map, which consequently summoned a vast swarm of energy beings that immediately began atomising every non-energy being race in the galaxy. As they had that defensive pact, my poor Cawbynistas were second on their list. Didn’t even get any screenshots of the admittedly spectacular destruction thanks to Steam refusing to let me for some reason. Pure fuming about it tbh. Lesson learned though: Don’t make defensive pacts with guys with the Reckless Explorer perk. (Also don’t go completely gung ho with mods, because some of the shit they can introduce is ridiculous.)

Started again. These mugs are right on my doorstep. Not a good start.


Sony refusing to allow Minecraft and Rocket League to have cross platform multi-player is a pretty huge dick move


I love the irony that they’ve chosen the Nintendo Defence for their decision to ignore the way everything’s going just at the time Nintendo have abandoned it.

Sorry Sony, you were doing really well this gen, but history will find you to have made a stupid decision here.